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whitehorse U$ tour
| Monday, June 25, 2007 | 2100 |

doom, sludge, slo-mo bling sonic thugs-out devastation across the real terrorist nation of the werld muthafucka!!!!! check it out................ 29 Jun 2007 8:00 P OneSixGallery, w/ Saviours & Giant Squid San Francisco, California 30 Jun 2007 8:00 P Uptown Bar, Oakland w/ Giant Squid & more Oakland, California 1 Jul 2007 8:00 P Alibi, w/ Giant Squid Arcata, California 3 Jul 2007 8:00 P Rotture w/Silentist, L'Acephale & DJ Joe Preston Portland, Oregon 4 Jul 2007 8:00 P Funhouse w/ Iron Lung, Wormwood & Giant Squid Seattle, Washington 6 Jul 2007 8:00 P Pawtucket @ Metal Maniac's Mansion w. The Body & Tides Pawtucket, Rhode Island 7 Jul 2007 8:00 P Pussy Cat Lounge NYC w/ Unearthly Trance, Ocean & more NYC, New York 8 Jul 2007 8:00 P Brooklyn at Lucky 13 w. The Body! Brooklyn, New York 10 Jul 2007 8:00 P Velvet Lounge w/Ol' Scratch, Palace in Thunderland, and Bundy Washington, Washington DC 11 Jul 2007 8:00 P Millcreek Tavern w. guests Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 12 Jul 2007 8:00 P Scolari's Office, San Diego San Diego, California 13 Jul 2007 8:00 P The Tunnel w. more Los Angeles, California


jo-mai ragime
| Saturday, April 14, 2007 | 1657 |

unknowingly, tooch who is involve in ma other improv project had press 50 units of cd-r of our improv session that we had in feb. entitled "101 days in a coma", well it is all gone apparently. anyway do get in touch wit me or hassle him at for copies. processed audio, elektroniks n musique concrete meltdown. ..............................................sneaky fella. anyway he is on sabbatical at the moment. not sure when he is returnin to earth but i'll see him sometime.


a blaze in the northern sky of mine, red dust of tragedies rainin' down on unholy graves.
| Saturday, April 14, 2007 | 1649 |

krump practice + trainin + session #5 will be on tiz wed 18th nite from 1930hrz. at 49 john street brunzwick. again it's just me n geisha at the moment. and she is up to teach anyone the basics of krump if u wanna learn. just don't come drunk or fucked on drugs. it'll ruin the vibe. n we will get all grimey, rugged n raw at ya....... ya dig!???.................................................. session #4 was interestin cuz geisha had to leave early and i was krumpin on ma own, tryin to figure out new moves. n this fella from the warehouse opposite where i was came over n knew what i was doing. n he told me he n his mate from thomastown or t-town as i called it are doin krumpin at the moment too. so that's cool. n yeah told him he's welcome to join in the session........


| Saturday, April 14, 2007 | 1646 |

malakat will be playin a gig with firewitch n ryokuichi from japan .15th apr at eazt brunzwick club. 1900hrs. 8 blingz. improvise audio, twin bass n drums attack n doom metal. hope to see u there. malakat's black cd-r release of audio materials is still available. hope to see u there.


in the name of sufferin - part 19
| Tuesday, March 27, 2007 | 1809 |

m organisin krump practice and sessions on 49 john st brunswick if anyone is interested. so far this will be #2. happenin on wednesday 280307 from 1930hrs onwards. come down. if u can't dance, come with an open mind.


the birth of tragedy- sufferin' n pain
| Thursday, March 1, 2007 | 1899 |

go to if u wanna find out info abt battles,sessions n anythin related to krump in oz.


the birth of tragedy- sufferin'
| Thursday, March 1, 2007 | 1845 |

finally managed to see melburn krumpers in action...the standards are high!!! the battle was awesome..really wholesome wit lotsa kids and mum n dads ard......n there were grls gittin amped n krumpin as thats good. but yeah..managed to see couple of krump families in action - royals, bc, pretties n that's abt it i know..i should have joined the battle i think..but again i had no time to prepare,,next one perhaps...i think i'll battle just to improve maself and not to win but havin a go...i did krump in the open session when everyone is leavin n kaos rip the floor open..n i think i had abt 3 rounds of me doin ma thing..but inexperience in session shows cuz i did not do the moves that i always do when im practisin..i need to slow it down more n break it next level up 4 me is to go 2 sum fuckin sessions...the bc fam does their session on sat nites in roxburgh park n monday nites in dandenong hemmings sk8park- couple of families do sessions there ..again royals, pretties and again.. it's a good chance to meet everyone n to have a gd laff n battle and express yerself in yer own krump way..........and yes...............krump kings are comin down to oz in apr..........fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


| Thursday, March 1, 2007 | 1816 |

i'l be doin a 90 minute dj mash up dub bass heavy shit this sunday in da city wit ma fellow sufferah dubklot.......................This Sunday is the fifth installment of our monthly Off Beat series, which is all about the downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop, IDM, ambient and other laid back sounds. It's always very chill and is gaining a reputation for its exceptional quality of music. You can download audio sets from previous iterations from UMFM here:§ion=episodes Set times: 4pm - i-Element vs Dubklot 5:30pm - Scattermish & Deltoid 7:30pm - Lephrenic 9pm - Samuel L. Broncowicz Presents... 10:30pm - Sea The venue is the excellent Workshop, 413 Elizabeth Street in the city, enter via A'Beckett St. There is no door charge, and there is a dollar BBQ earlier in the evening. 4pm-midnight. Hope to see you there...


krump massacre
| Wednesday, February 14, 2007 | 1906 |

still broke although i've been workin full time at jasper coffee warehouse now. awesome place..they do fairtrade and organik coffee..we get our beans...well from third werld or ravaged countries like indonesia, peru, ethopia, brazil, nicaragua, well just a brief run through of fairtrade..the coffee growers get a good price fer their coffee instead of gettin fuck over...tje people i work wit is awesome..get along well and we werk wit each other, not werkin for others. and the directors are pretty quirky..ex hippies..ha..but yeah..the warehouse is clean n organised. and cleanin is very important in the warehse cuz we r dealin in organik's cool job..pickin n packin beans n despatchin em n i get to take home free coffee or tea every week. so. am stockin it up although im not a coffee drinker..but frens are welcome to swing over n try sum awesome coffee..cuz m yer caffeine pimp now. ha! .....sources of food have been ok..dumpsterin is sporadic..found a bin near not quite right where they dump heaps of bread..dodgy thing is that its not covered in bags..just open i have to dig in deeep to get the ones that are covered by managed 2 get 7 herb rolls from nqr...and i found out that u can dumpster food from the vic markets when they r shuttin down..u can pick up stuff from the ground...and i think they don't mind. i picked up a slightly squashed avocado n it was yummy...i havent had avocado in ages... n i picked up a nice nectarine as the wait fer money goes on. still waitin fer ma cheque from big day out, $120 from posterin werk ... n next week i get paid from ma full time werk but all of it will go 4 ma rent .......,maybe i should battle 4 krump supremacy to get some money..but i got no time to prepare though..and battlin takes alot of practice...........this i know.............................looks like m not meetin the westside krumpers 2nite..gonna do ma own krumpin massacre in ma backyard later...........i got sum new tunes tat zach burned fer's awesome.............really goot buck tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


in the name of all sufferin part 99
| Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | 2150 |

yep, melburn will have it's first krump battle at the melburn music academy on the 24th. there will be lotsa categories to battle for - new krumpers, seasoned ones, family clashes, junior krumpers and there will be an open session. i wont be battlin but will definitely do the open session. i let the other battle hungry krumpers do the fight. i wanna chill and krump. some of the families involved will be kaos, kaos, errupt ,royal. fresh ,pretties ,bc , shadow n possible more. as i am an isolated krumper, ha. i be representin ma damn bloody self and the bleak harsh cold, north cuz im from the north. oh representin foodnotbombz n the crust war massive. and i found out that there are sessions held on the eastside on mondays and westside on wednesday. where is that? i have to find out. preeeeeeety excited........i've been improvin slowly but surely...but really gettin into it........


| Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | 2156 |

malakat has just recorded 2 improvisations 2b broadcast for paul kidney's radio show 'ear of the behearer' on pbs fm. will post up details on when the show will be broadcast. pbs fm is a community based radio station that plays awesome music that u won't hear on commercial radio. punk,grind, electroniks, experimental, acid country, noise, avant-rock, reggae, dub n the works.


| Tuesday, January 30, 2007 | 1445 |

wooooohooooooo a posting found on check it out..."hey guyes just for those who might be interested... i thought it would be about time melbourne had its first official krump comp so in assocation with Melbourne Music Academy & Refinery... THE GAME.. where do you stand? will be melbourne first official krump competition. BEING HOSTED BY THE KAOS FAM THE DETAILS ARE AS FOLLOWED DATE: SATURDAY 24TH FEB 2007 VENUE: MELBOURNE MUSIC ACADEMY , 53 VICTORIA ST MELBOURNE... RIGHT NEAR QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET AND CORNER ELIZABETH ST...


element +ooch
| Tuesday, January 30, 2007 | 1403 |

i've started a new improv project wit a cambodian fren- tooch. he's pretty cool fella- into hiphop and doin grafitti and werkin as a grafik designer now. and he's been convincin me to get back into hiphop skratchin and beat jugglin n that's nice to start again. pretty pleased the way our improv session sounds on tape. sorta runnin thru the range of musique concrete,found sound, electroniks and noise. now m excited to edit the good ones or havin more improv sessions n perhaps cut it down to cd-r to be distributed around. next session will be tis fri. we need to find a name 4 the project though. compton sounds good. ha!


in the name of suffering-part 19
| Tuesday, January 30, 2007 | 1351 |

2 months of hustlin around and being bludgeon to death and poverty and now i finally got a job. i'm gonna start work tomorrow at jasper coffee warehouse in collingwood. they deal in fairtrade and organic coffee- which is cool. it's full time work....40 hours a week...hope i can handle that aspect though. i get paid around $35,000 a year which works out to be ard $17 per hour. the hours are good. 0900-1730 or 0800-1630. but it looks good so far. a clean and organise warehouse n people are cool to werk with and it's close to where i live. and now i can earn some dosh and clear my debts. and then i can do the things i lurve to do again - cookin good food 4 maself and my frens...making cocktails, gettin new waxes.........and really gotta start my audio software running on my computer. i got some audio materials that i have been working on..wanna edit em n putting out 4 a release.


in the name of sufferin part 16 -hustlin'
| Wednesday, January 24, 2007 | 1709 |

i have work!! well,i think i'm workin cuz everyday i go to the library lookin fer werk n sendin ma resumes- day in day out, waitin 4 calls, hustlin 4 $ . i found a way to hustle 4 dosh now. work trials!! i get paid to go on trial werk. ma first dosh was at a bakery warehouse in melburn. bad ass pay though. i work 6 hours slicin up yummy phresh bread m packin it in bags . all sorts - sourdough, rye, organic, yeast free. it was tricky. the floor was slippery n i was covered in white flour, hopin that it was blow that i can snort off. ha! and all i got paid was $35 - which werk out ard $5ish per hr. damns!! urgh...m a $35 hoe. even the ho in hustle and flow earn more than me . she s a USD20 hoe. and the pickwood lodge grls - damn they earn at least $2000 a nite. i got a free organic, yeast free bread to take home but i was told the next day i aint good enuff. humbug. the next trial i got was at jasper coffee warehouse. really gd trial. i enjoyed it cuz they deal in fairtrade n organic coffee. i was pickin n packin coffee beans from ard the werld. im no coffee drinker but damn those beans smell really gd.i got paid $52 for a 3.5 hr trial. still cool m hopin to get that job though n the hr manager said that they r satisfied wit waht i did n will let me know by fri. n later that nite i had a werk trial at lentil as anythin. really cool again. its like foodnotbombz. i was at the grill. no wait ......grillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz man............ grillin bread, preparin dips, makin lentil n tofu burger, choppin up vege n slicin up yummy turkish bread n pickin on food along the way. still cool though cuz it's food n it's lentil as anythin. i got paid $25 thruu the tips fer a 3 hr shift. anyway..these dosh i earn, i goota give gary 4 sum bills $ n i gotta save sum fer ma lawn bowlin matches cuz we have to contribute $5 each fer a game. n yeah i wanna go out on sum dates wit girls that have caught ma i need sum dosh too to buy her a drink....or stuff that i need to sort out a killer date outing... this krumpimpz need sum lovin too..."it's a lonely life"... the werds of andre gorgeous the pimp which i alway etched in ma head...hahhaha... this saturday/sunday , im doin the audio in and load out crew 4 the big day out. 8hrs on sat morn n 6hrs on sun nite load out. so thats cool. hustlin'. everyday im hustlin', everyday i'm hustlin,everyday i'm hustlin like what rick ross sings abt "everyday i'm hustlin'. 'who do u think? i'm the fuckin boss!"


in the name of suffering part 14
| Wednesday, January 24, 2007 | 1526 |

my audio design profile has been added onto go to n scroll down the window to the position wanted n there is me under audio design + sound artist


| Wednesday, January 24, 2007 | 1509 |

if steve towson or anyone who knows steve towson reads this....steve towson is a folk punk artist from brisbane who has been tourin ard and in $ingapore.... please get in touch wit ma homeboy adek at .. adek is a talented artist n musician living in the fatherland and he earns his dosh thru his me, he is part of the sufferahs livin in the shitty fatherland that is $ingapore, tryin to make their art n livin thru it - the dystopia...i guess im lucky that im here although this is a diaspora that m livin at the moment.... go to his website n if u like his stuff or u know anyone who might be interested in his artwork git in touch wit him ............ is what adek emailed me. ........"Do u know steve towson?that folk punk yada yada dude? he have like 3 giant size art work and a couple of small ones,the last time he was here,he ask for my works,and till now,he didnt even correspond wth me..he says he wants to exhibit it at some gallery "


in the name of suffering part 13
| Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | 1716 |

stuff that i've been checkin out lately in regards to's gettin faster and harder wit krazy moves...just go to n search for tight eyez vs j-slaughter, j-slaughter, pradagy, av elite, pure buckness krump, rampage or hall of fame krump n check out sum french krumpers..they're awesome ...grichka n lil wish n german efficient, precision krumpers ...hehehe ... go search under krump session duesseldorf/germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!! for music...go to the j-squad myspace site. awesome beatz for krumpin'


| Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | 1609 |

dub come save me.


| Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | 1605 |

run come save me.


| Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | 1537 |

i've been added onto uber lingua's rotating djs that plays at norht bazaar for their rogue state nite. i like the name of the nite. fits me well. "ROGUE" ' One who is playfully mischievous; a wandering beggar; a vagrant; operating outside normal controls..."STATE" A condition or mode of being, as with regard to circumstances. A mental or emotional condition, social position, or rank... a description on their website go to ........"The rogues of this world are responsible for most of the musical innovations of the past few centuries... in the western world think of Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Punk and even Classical music and you'll find an outcast free thinker at it's core... Now days it's the same... the Cubans, the Gypsies, the Commies, the Central Asians... they've got so much naturally occurring, mid expanding counter culture and related music to offer... and Uber Lingua has tapped this for it's new club project... Residents bP, sakamoiz and a stack of others move thru Gypsy Ballads, Tuareg Guerrilla Guitars, Turkmen Booty, Bollywood Gangsta, North Korean propaganda pop & plenty more... with film clips, and other found footage to compliment the sounds... It's dark & deep, it's emotive, it mysterious... it's in another musical scale! Other rotated selectors include Russian Criminal Vulgar Boatman, post-Singaporean minimalist-turntablist Element, non-headphone wearing spacial selector DJ3 from Ante Deluvian Rockinghorse, outback bound local rogue Monkey Marc from Combat Wombat, Ex-Sydney Gypsy and Jamaican DJ Gonzo, ultra sonic diverse laptop DJ Panika, post-Turk middle east specialist Aysu Cogur, bass bandit Dubwise, Dub-Hop-Euro explorer Reikira, Gyp-core hype man Andrias De Staic from Ireland, Sub-continental urban expert Lord Lingham, post Croation Ok Rad, Arabic linguist Rachid BB, DJ Miso from emerging local act Miso, Mr Fish from Reunion Island, Breakcore meets slower stuff guru Arse N All, psycadelic soundtrack conjurer Evan Z Flux, Punk-Acoustic-disko lover Russian Disko, Ai Yamamoto, French Hip Hop and Dub man Sadhu Zero, sonic story teller Bags, Global Psycadelic spinner Raceless, cutting edgey Zaibatsu, post Bulgarian FSB and the one and only Vulk Makedonski to name a few...


| Tuesday, January 16, 2007 | 1937 |

the nextmen are fucken awesome..n i seen them twice...n they r killer!!! gd mixin n get the crowd goin....but i was there by maself at 1st floor cuz i cant call any1 to come wit me cuz i got no credit on ma fone n i wish i was dancin but i had an early start dat day n was too tired... n i was sittin by ma lonesome dancin on the seat when this lovely grl start talkin to me n she chatted wit me cuz she assumed that im m not nice mean.....n shes from nz...... i lurve kiwis..they r really really nice folks n i made many gd frens from there.... so just sum rambling conversations n me tellin her abt how poor i am n she knows abt how stinky it is in 1st floor n how guys like to grope ard n she demonstrate it to me but it was rather ticklish..n i found out that she does media research werks back in nz n i wish i got her email so that i can forward her ma sound design resume ..n yesh she was attractive lookin as well.. her name's fi or fee . or fiona. n i hate talkin in clubs ...i rather be dancin .. u cant hear a jackshit n talkin at the top of yer vox.. she had awesome red nails n magikal red shoes like dorothy from the wizard of oz......... ma favourite color red besides black, pink n white........but she's not livin here...she's on holidays.....


| Tuesday, January 16, 2007 | 1446 |

last weekend was a quik getaway to seaspray wit lovely gemma, ra wolf n gemma's workmate emma. it's gemma's folks beachhse n spend a gd time relaxin wit good food, swim in the ocean, did sum readin, dancing at the surfclub wit the locals to a cover's band.very bogan vibe. but it was nice. especially swimmin in the ocean. a much needed one from the grime of the city. n then on sunday nite... went out to catch up with amber at the spanish club, a grl i met when i spend new year's party wit anna. altho she's born here, she's been livin in uk fer quite a while n she's been livin in bristol.... m diggin her accent... u know wat i it was nice fer me to talk to uk music with her, especially abt the bristol sound n ragga dancehall n hiphop n future sound of london... she wanted to hear dubstep n grime n i gave her stuff to listen to cuz she havent heard much of it n she's seen the bug wit warrior queen many times!!!! damns...... n then we head to 1st floor cuz there was a dubstep/grime dj playin. his name is cammo n he pretty much cleared the dance floor cuz people don't know how to groove to that stuff except fer yers truly n dubklot n a few others. n it was awesome. deep sounds n wobbly basslines.. he played wiley's 'gangsterz' , kray twins feat. twista ' what we do' n few others which i dont know but were sick enuff. but amber had to leave cuz she gotta werk. so....hmmmmm..shes cute. i wanna see more of her. n then continued dancin wit dubklot n then towards the end of the nite...the predatory nature of 1st floor came alive. u can see it when a grl dance n there be all these bunch of guys circlin ard her like vultures..n then u know the rest..but it's too easy fer me..i aint down with tat... n m not bothered abt it cuz i rather dance than tryin stoopid ways to pick a style?? i rather be dancin n i werk ma ass off thru dat n if things happen it happens....but sadly that's what dancing is like that now in hiphop nites.... less dance more one nite stands... dubklot ..well ... yeah he ended up headin hm wit a grl n didn't even say gdbye to me.. in the end i just hang out there on my own cuz i like to listen to elle's set n i luv this tune that she always drop but i never know whats the name... the line goes like ..' till the sun sets on the westside, just ride stay high all nite, just ride stay high all nite'. awesome fucken tune! so it was like that....n vexta came by to dance fer a while n she ran off sumwhere n im like.... grl..u always disappear b4 i can catch up wit ya .....but she does awesome stencil artworks... go to her site


in the name of suffering part 11
| Tuesday, January 16, 2007 | 1441 p.m. |

went for a job interview today at jasper coffee warehouse. cool place..n they do fairtrade n organik it should be werth to werk their. i didn't git the job at yarraville fine food warehse cuz the boss reckon it's too far fer me. so now..m not expecting anything whenever i go 4 job interviews. all i know..m not gonna get it. just gonna stay negative like eyehategod. it's a routine that i go thru 4 the last 8 weeks of unemployment. i think one of the main factor 4 ma rejection cuz im too overqualified to do warehousin werk. " u have a degree in sound engineering, why do u wanna do warehousing werk ? " it's the law of the jungle baby!!!!!!!! there's fuck all in the sound industry..i goota do other shit to feed me. n the lowest form of werk that i can do rite now which i really fuckin hate is kitchen hand werk. i hate hospitality werk cuz i got no tenacity to be nice to the publik when i have to werk like an idiot preparin yer coffee or food n gettin shouted at by the chef n washin dishes n cleanin the kitchen n then expectin a big fuckin smile from me when i serve yer fuckin coffee..but i have a trial werk at jasper this fri. they r gonna call me 2mrw to confirm the trial...n then thur nite trial werk at lentil as anythin. scummy pay but it's like cookin at foodnotbombs //so it wont be that bad.


in the name of suffering part 10
| Tuesday, January 16, 2007 | 1436 p.m. |

down to ma last $5 in loose change. n ma debt has gone up to $4600 cuz i had to borrow $100 from zach so that i can register maself on n i can put ma resume fer media werk. couldnt buy the food that i wanted cuz silly me couldnt resist in buying snoop dogg 'doggystyle' cd n janet jackson's velvet rope cd fer $2 each when i went to yarraville 4 an interview n spend another $3.20 on train fare. so ma last dosh will be spend on sendin a fax fer ma resume. went dumpster diving last nite 4 food n manage to pull out loaves of bread, bread rolls, burger rolls, different flavours of yoghurt - though i donnt wanna take in milk but what can i do...and then pop by irene's kitchen where foodnotbombs just finished from their servin at footscray n got sum sweet bread. so i think these will last me fer quite a while n theres a bit of dry food at hm..lentils, instant noodles, thosai paste, rice cakes n my wonderful collection of spices n herbz.


in the name of suffering part 3
| Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 1817 |

hook me up if u need a sound designer, location sound recordist 4 sound n fx, foley artist/recordist, studio recording werk. or if u need a dj fer yer hseparties...well i can hook u up wit ma fellow sufferah dubklot...we do killa sets of reggae/dancehall, murderous ragga dancehall, grime, dubstep, dirrrty rnb, bounce n grind hip hop, snap, crunk n soundbombin beatz.... we have our own diy soundsystem fer yer debaucherous needz.....u can git in touch thru ma email which is on the left or leave a msg in ma guestbook. dont let a brotha die of starvation man........


in the name of suffering part 9
| Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 1744 |

what can i spend on ma last $15? toothpaste is good. cuz i need to get so phresh n so clean clean...erm ..maybe food... raisins, olives, soymilk. have to go dumpster divin if the bins are open n not chained.... n there's foodnotbombs for food if i need to....where's ma sugar mummy when i need u ? im a good cook,a dj n i can play u dirrty n schmoove rnb 4 that bump n grind or booty hip hop for that nasty dancing or soundbombin hip hop cuz muthafuckas are bored,murderous ragga dancehall to killa killa killa dem babylon, an aspiring cocktail bartenderness - i make mean mojitos n daquiris, tequila sunrize, an aspiring massager, a good dancer- chairdancing, lapdancing n cane dancing provided with costume changes!!!! n we can go lawnbowling cuz im a member of the brunswick bowling club ya'll or maybe we can dress up as 70s tennis playaz n play a game at yer expensive tennis club...i got a wooden racket... or we can go cycling, have a picnic, have a glass of wine..all that goodness....give me the dosh.... n i give u sum good lurvin'......... :)


in the name of suffering part 8
| Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 1758 |

it's been 7 weeks now n m still unemployed. m left with $15 in ma pocket, sum coins for loose change and $5 in my bank account. i've submitted resumes for work, went 4 interviews n gettin rejected time n time again or waiting 4 the calls 4 interview. some of the jobs i've applied for - cd/dvd duplication factory worker (rejected), soil tester (rejected), warehouse assistant/driver for fitness first (rejected), biscuit packer (waitin 4 interview - possibly rejected), container unloader/packer/labourer (waiting 4 call), storeperson n driver for a fruit and vege wholesale (waitin 4 call-possibly rejected), bread picker and packer (waitin 4 one day trial !!!), wine storeperson ( goin 4 the interview tomorrow in yarraville), data entry work (waitin 4 call), lab assistant 4 a pathology company, cook 4 lentil as anything ( trial werk next thur nite) warehouse aquarium picker and packer - now thats a fun job if i can git it - catching and pickin fish 4 customers!!!! how awesome is that, and the shining diamond of them all .... audio designer/recording engineer for national gallery of victoria --ma job is to do audio for their web,films, recording sounds and voices and audio broadcast 4 their ipod audio guided tour. it's a full time job and good again the waiting game and im now in a mad rush to finish up ma portfolio of sound design works............ n countless sendin in 4 resumes to job this have been ma life for 7 weeeks. and i was sayin n rantin 2 ma frens and ma hsemate, gary who is currently not werkin cuz he tore his ligament muscle and needs an op. i said that i cant believe ma situation as compared to his and definitely envious of his situation. here i am bustin n pimpin ma ass everyday lookin for werk, sendin resumes, gettin rejected, goin out n meetin new people fer networkin, goin dancing, krumpin whenever i can, goin hseparties, tryin to do my portfolio n my audio werk , lawnbowling, searchin 4 ma elusive love whom i hope is a dancer ..... hahaha.... so we can go dancin every weekend or i can practise ma krumpin in yer dance studio or havin krumpin sessions wit other krumpers n get buck wild......livin life to the maximalist and m still unemployed.... but gary's been sittin at home everyday, doin his groceries whenever he can cuz he cant walk much, watchin cricket, soccer on telly, smokin the 'erb, playin soccer games on his pc and he gets paid $500 every fortnite for his injury as part of the aussie govt to help their citzens..basically dole money if ur unable to werk. of course i have to rant abt this cuz it's unfair but of course im not eligible 4 benefits cuz i just got ma residency..but of course it's not that gary is lazy, he is injured so it cant be help. n he'sa hard worker cuz i;ve werk wit him b4 n he's been livin in the uk 4 20 years the werkin class attitude is in him and i lurve him cuz he's the bestest housemate, gd fren n ma fellow pimp. u know what i mean.......... n of course i wouldnt want 2b in his position due 2 his injury n i told him we need to start pimpin ourselves cuz times are hard. we r not dem flashy evil pimps, we r the benevolent ones..we treat our birds wit tender lovin care..the ones who struggle like djay in hustle and has invited me to come wit her to her folks place in's a beach hse where it be fun to hangout this weekend..but im really dirt poor..but i wanna go ..just wanna fuck off from the city fer i owe gary sum bills money cuz i cant afford to pay it besides ma $4500 debt.


in the name of sufferin' part 7
| Monday, January 8, 2007 | 1600 |

the fire in which you burn...the fire in which you burn slow...the fire in which you burn low.....


brutal shit part 5 - the brutality continues
| Tuesday, January 2, 2007 | 01:44 p.m. |

Like your meat? Sunshine location Casual and ongoing positions Day shift Our client, a meat manufacturer in Sunshine requires heavy labourers. The successful candidates for this position will be unloading carcasses off trucks, loading boxes of meat onto pallets and onto trucks. This position is casual but ongoing. There is day shift available working Monday to Friday. The pay rate is $15.64 and after a month the pay rate increases. There is also a bonus given at the end of every week if you turn up to your shift on time. For further details please forward your resume to the address below. To be eligible to apply for this position you must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.


so fresh n so clean clean
| Tuesday, January 2, 2007 | 1330 |

Small family business? NO! The face of family owned businesses has definitely changed in recent years and our client is no exception! With in excess of 70 current employees and growing, there simply is no stopping them! Specialising in metal forming and fabrication our client is a key supplier of sheet metal products to many various industries. They currently require a metal polisher to polish fuel tanks. These tanks must shine brightly and you are required to finish 4 – 7 tanks per day depending on size. You will be working alone from 7am to 3.30pm Monday through to Friday. Individuals must show good initiative and also have a good knowledge of work place Health and Safety. Previous experience in a polishing role is paramount. Interviews commencing immediately!


in the name of sufferaz, i the dread
| Saturday, December 30, 2006 | 22333 |

get krump 4 next year n i get beta n i organise a session.


halelujah jah jah jah
| Saturday, December 30, 2006 | 2328 |

as of 28th dec , i am an australian permanent resident. i can leave the country now n come n go as i please. i am still unemployed, $4500 in debt, livin on ma savings of $700 plus remainin n i have to pay ma rent on the 15th - $552 . advance australia fair . pimp ma ass bitch!


in the name of suffering pt 2
| Wednesday, December 13, 2006 | 1505 |

had a good long krump session last nite in ma backyard. tried to get gunther the cat to join me but he aint havin it. so...but it was gd. improving as each session progresses....but yeah definitely need to work on my endurance. swimming!! i need to go fer swims!!!!!!!!!!! and try to get ma left arm to do more swings. by the end of it, my right arm is just sore from too much arm swings...need to get ma left body parts werkin in action. i think i'm ok at travelling n gettin ma arm swings goin but quite weak in the basics of stomps and chest pops. but i definitely like the idea of just concentrating at gettin really amp n buck while krumpin n just gettin retarded. hahha..ah i mean getting into a more gutter n rugged style of krumpin n tryin to understand the basics of how krumpin came abt in its rawest form .... n i definitely luv to krump to grime trax !!!!!!! i aint got no moves n m not a flashy or pretty person..m just yer grounded everyday sufferah..but i tried a little bit of moves..but not quik enuff...not quik like james brown with the gd foot..but we'll see............ i wanna get in touch with the broadmeadows krumpers cuz they have their sessions going.. n i reckon i'll improve mo by joinin in a session wit them n gettin into the spirit of krumpin '. ....


| Wednesday, December 13, 2006 | 1530 |

dj element will be doin a set this friday at north bazaar . 222 high street, northcote. free entry. set on at 2200hrs-2300hrs. hope to see u there. not sure what i'll be playin cuz it's 4 uber lingua multi lingual nite. i could probably do a str8 up hip hop set or i could do a drug out malay rock songs set from the late 80s-mid90s or 60s-70s malay soul. hmmm decisions decisions.


werd on the street is dat eazy -e is still alive
| Tuesday, December 12, 2006 | 12:09 p.m. |

malakat has finally finished production n mixin of yellow swans + grey daturas improv recordin session at the place of unlearning. very long overdued mixin but it was werth the effort n time to make it really good. n ya'll will luv it. the masters should be sent to pete of yellow swans fer them to have a listen or hopefully wit the daturas....


werd on the street is dat
| Tuesday, December 12, 2006 | 12:06 p.m. |

malakat had an improv/recordin session onto a 4 trak in ma living room abt 2 weeks ago. it was gd cuz we been kinda dippin' it low at the moment cuz of other commitments and it was nice to be doin our stuff again... n i built a couple of sound objects to be use 4 the recordings or future malakat performances....hopefully we can werk stuff out to be release on a very overdued release on diagnosis dont and sweat lung.


brutal shit-part 3
| Monday, December 4, 2006 | 1621 |

Chicken Packers Thomastown - Day & Night $17 ph Our client located in Thomastown is currently looking for staff to work within their chicken processing plant. You will be located in a cool environment approximately 10 degrees. Working within a medium sized team you will be responsible for grading chickens as well as packing. If you have ever cooked yourself a roast chicken and had no problem with handling the chicken prior to roasting then this might be the role for you! You will need to be: Reliable and punctual Supply your own gloves Own your own steel capped boots Comfortable working within a repetitive environment Comfortable working in cool environments Have your own car and drivers licence This is a fast paced repetitive role that would be suitable for applicants that have had previous experience within a similar role. If you are looking for stable ongoing work then please hit ‘Apply Now’ or contact Michelle Ludlow on 03 9467 4166 CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW


isolationist - brutal shit part 2
| Monday, December 4, 2006 | 1322 |

damns........i wish m a chef now. Chef Position details for Station Chef position. REMUNERATION PACKAGE OF AROUND $125,000 (15 Months) $50,000 (6 Months) The typical employment period for Chefs is approximately 15 months with very limited opportunities for employment of 6 months. For these periods you could expect to receive a remuneration package in the vicinity of the figures quoted above which comprise the following annualised components: Annual base salary (while in Australia) $48412 ($1856 per fortnight before tax) Annual base salary and Antarctic Allowance (while in Antarctica) $92301 ($3538 per fortnight before tax) You will accrue recreation leave which will be paid on completion of your service if you have not taken any leave during your employment in Australia – leave is not available while you are in Antarctica. This equates to an annual amount of $4020. The AGAD will also contribute up to *15.4% of your #salary as superannuation. That’s a minimum annual contribution of $7431. Also remember that you will be provided with all your cold weather clothing requirements, accommodation and when in Antarctica, your food. This has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in costs that you would normally incur working in Australia.


so phresh n so clean clean
| Thursday, November 30, 2006 | 1340. |

u r now lookin at the newest member of brunswick bowling club. yesssssssir im now a bowler n i got ma killer so phresh n so clean clean all white pimp playaz outfit fer lawn bowling. all white--like a white goddess...thats what rebeka calls me. n i got ma white bowling shoes and i got ma bowlin bag wit 2 bowls.. hahhahaha it's funny. i joined it cuz it was free 4 1st year members n i wanted to get a cricket dress up 4 booty dancin n i ended up goin to this club ard the corner from ma joint n im in. funny ass cuz im the youngest in there. lotsa old pimpz n playaz playin lawn bowlin wit their canes n their schmooove teknik of bowling. n m havin ma 1st game this saturday in our home turf. fuck yeah........... so phresh n so clean clean.........actually i stole that dress up from pharell wiliams when he was posing for a magazine with snoop dog. .i got a few dress ups at the moment fer booty dancing n hse parties when i need to get into character. i have dress up heaps as a nasty pimp, a pimp daddy, a latin dancer, style war's b-boy doze - real shorts shorts man, cricket/lawn bowler so phresh n so clean clean n next one up ..hahahha ........justin timberlake. i know i know i dont look like erm but i got his clothes down rite what stephen o malley of sunn o))) said - when they put on their robes it's like being in another world. a chance to escape the everyday real world n be in a world that u create for yerself. werd to the muthafucka! str8 outta compton compton compton..........


dancing in the street alley, lookin all grimey n beastly
| Thursday, November 30, 2006 | 1330 |

last weekend was a huge wkend for me cuz i got fired from my stoopid job n the only way to celebrate it was to go an all bender dancin' ..lemme see..friday nite : ms butt, anya, paz n cwd had another mixtape dance off nite at loop n 50 cds were given away to the best dancers on the nite and yay i got one..but i had to werk ma ass off into my so phresh n so clean clean cricket outfit n dance the nite away. lurve this new dress up cuz i cd feel ma body being so malleable n pulling moves which i cd never pull off in ma crusty outfit..,,n i've been tryin to put abit of krumpin while m booty dancin so that werked out it was nice..bella, alice , merilla, camilla, anna were all there n met other nice people n travis came.hahahhaha but coked out of his head. pretty funny... awesome beatz n paz played a krazy snap,crunk n bouncy set..n mz butt got everyone down n dirty booty dancin....hahaha .... n cwd played a gd set of bootlegged mixes, baltimore hip hop n crunk...we ended the nite by goin to double happiness. awesome joint cuz it looks like an opium den if it's abit more chill. n couple of blokes recognise me when i was there a few mths ago n they witnessed sum heavy booty dancin wit me n a grl at double happiness n wanted to see sum action. actually they kept pesterin me which got abit annoyin till anna told them to just back off. i would if there was mo space...but yeah none of that. and apparently this grl came up to me n said we were krumpin it off b4 at double happiness n she wanted to have another krump off. i was keen but it just took ages to sort the music off n a place to do it n we cdnt have a dance off. but she said she was into krumpin n i was like 'fuck yeah let's do a session together' n she told me shes gonna go travellin overseas. urghhhh...damns. n she was cute too...towards the end of the nite we went upstairs..n boy it was a psychedelic room. crazy lines wallpaper..all plush n the bartenders looked like they were wearin all black chef's uniform..i was tellin maself this cd be an awesome psychedelic experience if u get onto a bender..and trav again was coked out n kept askin me to have sum n i keep rejectin him............................................................................................................................................................................... sat nite. ms libertine in the city. nice fuckin;s like dancin in an open courtyard but wit a high ceiling n the dj booth looked like a beehive...however i dint have much fun cuz dint have anyone to go with n the mixin was rather choppy n i cdnt get ma hustle n flow goin to be dancing. so it was weird. but it was a nite for opulent magazine celebratin 1 year's bday for favela rock nite which features crunk, baile funk, baltimore hiphop it was krazy dancin ass well........................................................................................................ sunday was awesome at playaz ball ...... a nite to remember. i was out drinkin sum sangria at spanish club wit simon afta a day of mixing in skool n he left early n i wasnt sure who gonna be at playaz n then anna said she gonna go. so thats nice. but there.. danced str8away with luke n the nite ended up rather sweaty wit heavy booty dancin. actually rather filthy.hahahha...cuz the weston st massive kidz were there dancin as well n let's just say yer mamma wouldnt be too happy if she see's her sons n daughters dancing like that. hahhahaha dint get to dance much wit anna cuz she was busy entertaining this 2 boys that she was into.. but yeah...........ended up the nite by goin to luke's place at weston st... krazy chattin wit misha, nina, ms butt, kelly, gonzo, nic, anto but i was kinda tired so i just chill like i always do funny drunken conversations at 4am..then kelly brought out her karaoke machine n that was piss funny. bad singing, bad echo n reverb....... i lurve the weston st massive cuz they r krazy party dancers and krazy afta party hosts.


| Thursday, November 30, 2006 | 1320 |

just in. i'll be doing a hip hop dj set tonite in st jeromes, city..2200-2300 . soundbombin beatz to make yer mamma proud


grey datura's tour in U$a
| Friday, November 24, 2006 | 1540 |

Upcoming Shows ( view all ) 23 Nov 2006 8:00 P Bottom of the Hill w/ Witchcraft San Francisco, California 24 Nov 2006 8:00 P Dante's: w/ NEUROSIS & GRAILS Portland, Oregon 25 Nov 2006 8:00 P El Corazon (formerly Graceland) w/ NEUROSIS & GRAILS Seattle, Washington 26 Nov 2006 8:00 P Le Voyeur Olympia, Washington 27 Nov 2006 8:00 P Delta of Venus w/ Mammatus Davis, California 28 Nov 2006 8:00 P Warehouse Santa Cruz, California 29 Nov 2006 8:00 P Venue TBC Los Angeles, California 30 Nov 2006 8:00 P The Smell Los Angeles, California 1 Dec 2006 8:00 P Slims w/ OM & Mammatus San Francisco, CA 3 Dec 2006 8:00 P Mercury Lounge Manhattan, New York 4 Dec 2006 8:00 P Tonic Manhattan 6 Dec 2006 8:00 P Cakeshop w/ Seconds Manhattan, New York 7 Dec 2006 8:00 P T T The Bears w/ Seconds Boston, Massachusetts 8 Dec 2006 8:00 P Glasshouse w/ Seconds Brooklyn, New York 9 Dec 2006 8:00 P Uncle Paulies Brooklyn 10 Dec 2006 8:00 P Emo's Austin, Texas


grl get off that blow, break !
| Friday, November 24, 2006 | 1500 |

i asked u where do u go n have fun on weekends. and u said chapel street in this 2 cluba called asdfjkl n gfgll. n u manage to say the club's name although it's all mixed up letters. and i remember askin u to stop doing that blow cuz it ain't good for u. but i can't remember what else we talked abt cuz it was all a dream. nice one.


low life.
| Friday, November 24, 2006 | 1455 |

ah just got fired from ma stoner warehse job. damns. haha..quite funny actually. on wed nite i was out watchin a flamenco documentary that i did the location sound recording for ma evil black metal fren. i remember havin 3 glasses of red wine and then off to his fren's place for a couple of drinks. i din't wanna drink that much but sumhow everythin snowballed. he was gonna go back to the fatherland the next day and it felt like goin away drinks. he kept makin shots after shots after shots and soon i was kinda ripped apart. i remember headin home but can't recall the ride back hm. it all felt like a sequence of jump cuts and montages of me fumbling ma way home. hell i cant remember payin the cab ride back. once i hit the bed i remember havin to get up again cuz i had to spew. dint make it to the toilet in time. spewed in ma room, in the livin rm n then in the toilet bowl. next thing i knew ma hsmate woke me up at 9am. i was out in the lounge room krashed on the sofa. the lounge table fell off the speakers and traces of spew on the floor. hahahaa... bad scene. i couldn't be fuck to call werk cuz it was such a bad hangeover and i din't care to turn up anyway. and the next day, i turn up 4 werk and the warehouse manager told me that there aint much werk n they will call me.which means yer fired sucka.... i packed all ma shit and he wanted ma locker i guess it was that n that........ anyway.. i didn't mind not gettin back to werk cuz that warehouse is a shitty place anyway. bad management, terribly disorganised and not interested to look afta the welfare of the staff. they hire u as a casual yet they expect u to werk like a full time staff. fer a warehouse that deals wit bunnings,k-mart n other homewares stores, they r fuckin ridiculous. no computers to check the stock. all the stock no. are kept on paper.the office n the warehouse dont communicate wit each other. they never update the stock. the warehouse manager is the bosses bro and he puts the stock items anywhere he feels like it. there are no full time warehouse workers. all casual. so it is chaos yet sumhow the business have been runnin for a long time. werse off, they import products from china which are really shitty products -cheap yet no quality products. mass production shit. so fuck that. i guess it's an unethical place to there i go..outta werk. called lonely planet but might have to wait till early december fer werk. called jasper coffee n they had a packin job at their warehouse but the position had been filled. it would have been awesome to werk there cuz they do fairtrade coffee. next job in line will be to keep callin gig power for events/concert werk.the last werk i did was 4 U2. .....looks like i goota werk the streets now. goota pimp maself......damns......m gonna miss u holly. and stop takin tat blow grl. aint good fer ya.


dance off
| Thursday, November 23, 2006 | 2016 |

paz, ms butt, anya and cwd will be playin at loop inna city this friday nite. snap,crunk, bounce and booty hiphop. free with cd giveaways on the dancefloor. so git lowwwww


| Thursday, November 23, 2006 | 2015 |

tim catlin, eamon sprod and rod cooper will be playin this sat nite at bus gallery. solo performances and trio performances. do check em out if u like strange sounds - extended guitar textures, home made instruments and lowercase.


let's roll
| Monday, November 20, 2006 | 1700 |

im now tryin to listen heaps to stoner, doom,heavy,sludge bands on my way to werk in the mornin..cuz i'll get to see awesome big fuck off trucks cruisin by the roads....n i realised i got so much shit to listen's gonna be brutal.. i donno how long i can handle it but it's been fun though cuz whenever sum big fuck off riff comes krashin down and a big fuck off stoner truck rolls fits perfectly well..actually any riffs that come by wit a big fuck off truck seemed to work.i get to see really shiny ice out bling trucks, where they shine real bright baby.. and i get to see ugly dump trucks,,bad ass ones, beaten up ones, and sumtimes i do see low riders and mean cars as well.. but usually big fuck off stoner trucks are the best..they are fuckin beastly... it's like they r tearin up the road occupyin 3 fuckin lanes.... so what have i been listenin to so far? dove, melvins, burning witch, cavity, mammatus....burnin witch was brutally slow it made the truck looked really fucked up..mammatus was kool..made the trucks all psychedelic but still stoner though... cavity has been always's my theme band whenever i roll into the fuckin warehouse or whenever i unload boxes from 20 foot to 40 foot containers...supercollider tops it!!!!!!!!!! n other cds in ma possesion to go through-not much but whatever i have- electric wizard,boris, sunno))), high on fire, eyehatefuckingod!!, buzzoven,goatsnake,ironmonkey,cavity,sleep,om,grief,thergothon,isis,whitehorse,firewitch,pod people,kyuss,facedowninshit,big business,akhmed,corrupted,black boned angel.i need more..but i aint got innernet at home...stuff that i can burn off frens...oh well..more wealth of bands to explore..the list won't stop....


brutal shit
| Monday, November 20, 2006 | 1738 |

Like your meat? Sunshine location Casual and ongoing positions Day shift Our client, a meat manufacturer in Sunshine requires heavy labourers. The successful candidates for this position will be unloading carcasses off trucks, loading boxes of meat onto pallets and onto trucks. This position is casual but ongoing. There is day shift available working Monday to Friday. The pay rate is $15.64 and after a month the pay rate increases. There is also a bonus given at the end of every week if you turn up to your shift on time.For further details please forward your resume to the address below. To be eligible to apply for this position you must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.


gut-wrenching gutter wreckin
| Thursday, November 9, 2006 | 1845 |

i had a gd krump session on ma own last week. getting into a style that might suit me but i might change it.. not sure ,,still figuring ways out. but im gettin amped on grime tracks ,,really liking it..i guess m getting slowly into the beaztly or grimey style of dancing..n raw cuz im still learning ...n i do like the ground moves as i always git low low lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww . n i dont have the pretty or clean moves yet. although phoolish is very humble with his comments that his style is rugged but very clean and with awesome moves as well. i like his dancing though. he is a dancer!!! but straight up gutter as well! n goofy is awesome with his funny moves...really good n he gits low low low !!!!!!!! i guess thats what i like at the moment. beaztly, grimey, raw but not rugged yet cuz m not goin hard enuff..the harder i go..n deep into the gutter!! n doing moves is funny for me cuz i dont have a natural flow fer em n i dont have the swagger... altho i have a couple of moves which is very black metal n crusty ...hahah thats what inspires me at the moment with krumpin..puttin in a little bit of black filthy metal wit crust overtones into krumpin'...hail immortal and schifosi !!!!!!............ i guess b4 i can call a session of krumpin wit anyone i gotta get betta as well..but yeah kinda dying to get a session goin.....


in the name of suffering
| Monday, October 30, 2006 | 05:03 p.m. |

when i cook, and i invite u over to my house fer dinner, it is a gesture from me to u to come over n share a hot meal together n to catch up. i welcome u into my home, to meet my friends, to catch up and to see where i am at in my new environment. and 4 chance for my fatherland frens to meet ma aussie frens and vice-versa but sadly it's been twice that i've cooked food fer my fatherland frens n they never turn go figure... dissapointed...little bit hurt...sad....but whatever. u missed out on a feast!!!!! the first dinner i had- i cooked a coriander and spring onion spicy rice with mushrooms and potato as a layer with spicy tomato salsa as the next layer wit cheese on top. thats fer the vegetarians and fer the vegans, a layer of tahini sauce. both dishes were baked in the oven which meant that the tahini and cheese all melt onto the layers... yummy ? fuck yeah!!!!!!!! n the recent dinner i cooked? gado gado with rice cakes, tempeh, tofu and i tried making satay sauce fer the first time... baked cute lentil patties with tomato paste n basil leaves as a garnish, apple crumble. n some frens brought over other dishes like homemade curry puffs, sweet potato wit fetta n tomato, dips, cakes n i made a jug of sangria . it is feast. a chance to be merry n have good food n laughter. sadly ma fatherlands friends never turn up.


| Monday, October 30, 2006 | 1677 |

it's been challengin so far fer me to have krumpin sessions on my own. although im tired from werk, i get real good vibes when i start krumping in my backyard. n sumtimes my cat gunther herbert schwarz watches me which is cool.... at times i don't know what im doing, but im figuring ways out to do it and let my own body dictate the movements. n finding ways or movements that r natural to me. n gettin the right trax to be krumpin to is hard and lately i ve been krumpin to grime tracks..which is awesome but way too fast sumtimes..n i go spazztik power violence style. but i goota admit it that i just dont have the afrikan amerikan kidz swagger-- they walk the walk and they talk the talk. so it is natural fer them. but fer me????? i cant do it like them..i gotta find my own style or search fer that inna me ... n the most important thing rite now is to build the endurance or the stamina to last .... built to last. built to grind. u cant be krumpin out fer 5 seconds! that's spazzcore grindcore. n now i wish i could find more people to krump wit..that's when u feed off each other's energy like leeches and get amped and get buck!! n i think i will learn more n gettin into the spirit of things. but it's all good. now i wish i could dance n collapse into exhaustion.


please dont underestimate my style
| Monday, October 30, 2006 | 1677 |

i dont know what's wrong wit u homie and wigger. i know who u r are..i know how u look like...u gonna get krumped krumped krumped!!!!!!!!! leave me alone when im dancing or popping booty...cuz i dont dance like how u dance? or m booty dancing wit good lookin grls who happen to be ma frens? or ur just plain jealous that m dancing wit girls? kinda tired of this wack shit of people harassing me while im dancing..the last straw happened when i was dancing and this homie tried to teach me how to dance..yeah yeah u r good so what why should i dance like u? cant i dance like how i would like to dance. i know i dont have the afrikan-american swagger ..i dont WALK THE TALK AND I DONT TALK THE TALK so i dont pretend that im a homie.anyway..the same homie then try to mess me up while i was dancing wit this grl n i dont git it..u have sumone to dance to wit a blonde honey.... aint that gd enuff?? why the hell do u wanna back onto me and jab me on the back wit yer elbows not once, not twice but 3 times until i moved's boring..childish..n very unimaginative... all i could think of is jealousy or rubbish... or he just wanna pick a not interested homie.i am a peaceful sufferah.. satta man satta..kool man kool.. and then later towards the nite yer wigger fren try to battle me ..hahah wigger.... be straight and dont act like a homie cuz u dont walk the walk n u dont talk the talk .....boring...this is not the place to battle.. not when u r intoxicated and fueled by alcohol to create trouble..... .maybe sum other time..hahaha... when i dance, i dance fer myself and fer ma frens...m not interested in battles. i had enuff of that while competing in dmc dj battles. it was cool but u lose the fun. n u get competitive all the time. it's boring. i dont just stand there and wait fer girls to get drunk and prey on them. i werk ma booty off to dance and if they happen to dance wit me real close, that's becuz i put in the effort. not standing by the dancefloor and then seize the chance when the girls are drunk. n then squeezing their asses while u dance wit them.... boring!!!!!!! and lately i havent been drinkin much while dancing cuz i have to watch ma ass now to whoeveer wanna harrass me. which is cool i guess that i dont drink so much but kinda loses the fun sumtimes..dont make me krump on ya ..... it'll get beaztly n grimey n rugged and raw ........


in the name of suffering
| Monday, October 30, 2006 | 1677 |

now i could find the time....been outta step fer the past mth. or just busy working, living, sleeping, cooking, krumping, mixing,cooking, krumping... i've stopped workin at loneliest planet fer the moment..cuz i cdnt handle the on call casual work situation no more. hell i dont even know if m werkin the next day or the next week and it's makin me nervous. lately i've been werkin at another warehouse in preston called homewares. it's ok there but shitty management but who cares as long as i make my dosh. terribly disorganised warehouse. couple of bad people workin there n a boss who dont give a shit except makin money. the warehouse pretty much deals with homewares- and their big customers are k-mart, bunnings and hardware stores. so m just keepin low like i always do on the dancefloor..and do ma thang..and i kinda like werkin in warehouses at the moment. big huge cavernous place, no boss to supervise what u r doin, i dont have to be a servant to the public n pretend that m smiling while im werkin..and the best of all, i get to see awesome, huge cavity-like stoner trucks rolling by into the warehouse with 40 foot containers and 20 foot ones. whenever i see one, i wish the warehouse would automatically play cavity tunes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n i manage to get into the containers and unloading boxes n then takin pictures in em and posing near the containers..i could never take shots of the main rig itself but they r fuckin huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! optimus prime , b.j and the bear, eyehategod, cavity, southern stoner sludge trucks !! u know what i mean :) and yeah this is a full time casual werk which means i be werkin till at least i know i have dosh comin in every 2 weeks. but hopefully i could just drop it low like i always do on the dancefloor and do the minimal werk that i can...........................but the krazy thing is that m gettin up earlier at 6am.... and i havent been dancing at playaz ball due to werk..urgh !!!!!!!!


drop (low low low)
| Wednesday, September 13, 2006 | 1800 |

last weekend was good fun...lotsa crunkin and poppin boooty... i had a damn fuckin gd time wit yan since last wed and now he's left to head back to perth for his horse racing careeer. we had a blast on friday at ying yang twins dancin ourselves silly wit anna..they were damn funny though at first the vocalz were way too loud than the music... but it got betta as the nite progressess..though one of them looked way fuckin stoned 2b rappin but he pulled it off..." dem boys in the south, have gold teeth in their mouth ""!!!!!!!!!!!! but preety much they played their well known tracks n sum brand new ones...............the next nite, ma mate brian performed his hiphop band at their hseparty as 'little boy phat' and another band 'charlie dont surf'. both were great n i like charlie cuz it made me dance more...and i came wit gemma and we hang out n chatted and it's been ages since i saw her. the party was 4 sol, another ex skoolmate who is gonna go away to NY wit his the party was his sendin off as well...and later in the night , lyndal came along and we went fer a walk in the surrounding areas where brian lived and lookin 4 the communal indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna that the residents have ...and sure it was at the end of the garden path... gemma wanted to jump in and swim and i dint wanna cuz i don have any bathers wiit the end she convinced me to jump in cuz she said i will be the only guy in the jacuzzi surrounded by ladeez and i was i n the jacuzzi under 30 secondz. so me in ma boxers wit gemma and lyndal in their knickers jumpin in and it was ma first time in a jacuzzi and there i was feelin like luniz in their awesome video ' i got 5 on it ' .......and i was recallin that video.damn! and we went into the sauna and i kept callin lyndal by her 'scandinavian' name lyndal tor johnson svensson ..cuz she can sing 'happy birthday' in swedish and i made her sing it in the sauna cuz we felt scandinavians then in teh sauna and it was piss funny...but she could pass off as a swedish wit her blonde hair...sunday nite me brought yan to playaz ball cuz whenever ma fatherland frens are in town, they have to experience the playaz ball vibe.... i caught up wit bass bin laden and ms butt and i told them how much i loathe goin 4 hiphop nites in the city cuz the crowd are just too uptight, arrogant, unfriendly and the crowds at billboard was shit. boring with chessy hiphop. and i like to booty and dance silly in these sorta places cuz it's fun to fuck it up in a city crowd where they never see a boy poppin booty b4 i much prefer the vibe in fitzroy and playaz ball cuz it's much mo fun n we danced at playaz ball and i was weighted down by ma bling and poppin boooty and getting jigga on the floor wit ms butt's fren and yan got his butt slapped by some dude who tried to steal our drinkz and it was pretty funny....n i butt slapped yan as a joke....the killer shit happened wwhen a pimp bald daddy walked into the club, walked near the stage and 4 no apparent reason pushed that dude who butt-slapped yan and immediately got kicked outta 1st floor. and it's been like this at playaz ball..there wil alwayz be homiez geettin emo and shit and wanting to fight or just plain now playaz ball have a policy of kickin anyone out who is sleazy or trouble making..and i was wavin ma hands in the air wit a gun sign when the pimpy daddy got kick out cuz it was funny...but nasty vibe i guess..shit goes down everytime at playaz ball...but yeah.. lotsa hustlerz, playaz, homies, wiggers, booty poppers, innocent bystanderz ,dancers and honeyz at playaz it's a potent brew....but sumtimes people forget that they shouldnt take themselves seriously when they dance.... it's ok to pop yer booty, even if ur a boy...


m vexed man, vexed.......
| Tuesday, September 5, 2006 | 15444 |

m kinda buzzin out on the fact that i got up at 0430am n left the hse at 0515 to cycle to the vic markets for my trial work at the markets werkin at the organics stall. really great. awesome cyclin out in the cold wit not much traffik n listenin to pink floyd... nice cool way of werkin at 6am..and alice was there..and it was great. i luv her. whenever i see her or hangout at her joint in thornbury makes me happy all the time..cuz when i first started cookin wit foodnotbombs..she was there...and whenever i see her, i see her spirit that keeps foodnotbombz goin..cuz she's done so much fer foodnotbombs.........and yeah werk was cool..sortin out tha organik veggies, cleanin em, make sure they look all nice and pimpin...and the potatoes were many different names fer em..phat ones, dirty earthly ones....and the only thing m not good at is handling customers and handlin money..just a basik fear of fuckin up n thats why i never ever wanna werk in the hospitality industry ever again...servin coffees and shit... i rather be werkin in the background where all i talk to is myself.....after the market werk..i had to rush over home, change to my pimp clothes and went 4 an interview wit a furniture warehse. the boss aint sure why the hell i wanna do such a mundane job cuz from what he look at my resume, he said i have been werkin in so many avant garde jobs.. hahaha..tis funny..pretty much m overqualified....but i told him honestly..there aint nuthin out there fer me in ma sound industry..and i have to werk anywhere and anythin to get the dosh..........but the interview was cool..pretty lighthearted......and he showed me how many resumes he rejected cuz they aint up to skratch and i was lucky cuz i was persistent in tryin to secure an interview and also wit my experience at lonely planet.... there are heaps of warehouse werk where it's pretty mundane, boring and slack but they r so far away.. i need a vehicle to go to em.............. so i have to ring that furniture warehse in 2 wweeks 2 find out if i can get the job..and m hopin i cd get it cuz it's only under 10 minutes away from ma harem if i cycle and it's a pretty easy job...gettin items, cleanin them, carryin them, and packin if i can get that, get that market job and still work at lonely planet will be's common for sum of ma frens here who werk casually and wwerk in 3 jobs or's krazy but i guess it's sumthin u have to do if u wanna stay out of that rat race..but actually i dont mind being in the rat race 4 the moment cuz i need the dosh to get the things that i really really pro-tools, sum 4 track recorders, filter pedals, tape recorders, microphones, portable recorder, a dirt bike..juicer to built diy sound devices..waxes cuz i wanna start djing again....sum nice pimpin clothes...m such a scummy crusty pimp cuz i ve been wearin the same one over n over again..well i improvise here and there...u biatch......gotta make ma hoes werk harder or maybe i should pimp myself now....... now im fuckin sleepy and me n simon are gona be mixin yellow swans/grey daturas split improv in the skool studios soon...comin close to finishin the mixes..listenin n cleanin up and removin ideas which aint werkin......but best of all i got the tix fer yingyang twinz gig............yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to git low low lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


| Saturday, September 2, 2006 | 1540 |

ma good fren dj nux from the fatherland is flyin in from perth to stay at ma joint 4 2 weeks.... fuckin sick.. havent seen him for 3 years and 9mths... in fact i havent seen ma frens from the fatherland for 3 years and 9 mths and countin..till this diaspora ends... apparently he's been workin in perth as a horse jockey..


| Saturday, September 2, 2006 | 1500 |

louie and a couple of mates have found a new place to squat.sick...i met sum of his hsemates n they were cool- halle and nissa...and a couple of others whom i have not me and halle does cool silkscreen patches.... and hopefully i can learn from her ..pretty cool joint..and it's near ma crib as well.....big up...


beat down
| Saturday, September 2, 2006 | 1500 |

i think it's gonna be krazy if i werk at that sheepskin factory job...not only it's sweatshop style but i can imagine comin home everyday wit a dead animal smell on me. i donno.....i have to think abt it till other places ring me up 4 werk..but how long do i have to wait?? tell me tell meeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are u welcome? embraced? or torn apart????????????????????????????????????


bludklot artattack
| Friday, September 1, 2006 | 1699 |

lately listenin to grime and dubstep stuff has kept me goin thru this tumultuous times. kick ass stuff n i played an online dj mix to ma hsemate gary who had been livin in england 4 20 years and we were dancin like geezers with parkas and gary had his hood up, dancin in the corner lookin ruff, tuff, rugged and rawwwwww..and them grime dubstep beats r fuckin sick.loooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..gary said em music is the music that darth vader listens to when he hang loose in his spaceship or flexin his muscles...bad ass synth, dark dark dark grimy synth and loooooooowww sub level basslines..and our house is lucky cuz we have the most awesome set of soundsystem where it can handle em sub level frequencies and 4 ya'll whose soundsystem cant hear 40 hz and below..SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i told him how much i luv uk hip hop, jungle and now grime stuff cuz they make it so so so fuckin polished, urban, classy and wit much style. yeah reeeeeee spect ....inna much rrrrrrresssssssspect to da london massive ..mash up....... and it's been really positive to listen to me the energy to go out everyday hustlin n lookin for cash cash cash cash..cuz cash rules everything around me cream hear the money, dollar dollar bills ya'lll!!!!!!!!.......... but of cuz i still luv us hip hop cuz they got em swing in em....


finlandia finlandia
| Friday, September 1, 2006 | 1648 |

congratulations to klaus for gettin a job as a nuclear physics researcher in glasgow...fuck yeah. he gonna go there next year jan. tentatively he be in finland in late october till december and he's happy to go campin, recording and hangin out wit me and simon if our finland trip is sorted out. n i can meet my good frens jussi and otso and meeting shy elks!!!


i don give a flyin fuck
| Friday, September 1, 2006 | 1655 |

another week has ended with still no assurance that i can have a secure job. it's rather grimm and depresssing that i wake up every mornin' wondering if they are gonna call me 4 an interview or will i make the money to pay ma rent. every month, my money goes to my rent n bills and if i cant afford to pay the rent n bills, i have to borrow money from the mafia and then whatever money i earn next is use to pay the debts and the cycle keeps goin on n on on n on. .......and everyday i keep callin the same ol number, leaving a message and no one replies back. and today i had 2 interviews which were the opposite ends of the job spectrum. i went for an interview in a sheepskin company that makes boots, rugs and mittens and the smell was horrible. dead animal smell. its a factory packing job and i went there dress up in ma pimp outfit minus the cane and the smell was urggh. pretty bleak when i walk in, no natural light and i see a couple of asian workers workin there sweatshop style and i met the owner and she look pretty mean. ma interview was rather brief- and weird. i stood there while she ask me questions like "can i work fulltime, whether i use computers and what sorta person i am.."yeah m a pimp and a hustler and a lapdancer"....and then that was it. it's a full time job n seriously i dontt mind applying 4 it cuz i need constant werk cuz i dont get any $ assistance from the aus govt. and i never werk full time b4 so m kinda keen 4 the challenge of being beaten down as a wage slave and work, consume, dance and die............there's things that i need if i work fulltime and wit the money i can get like flashy cadillac and platform shoes that have clear heels wit goldfishes swimmin in em....the next interview was cool. it's at the vic markets at the organics section n it's the same stall where foodnotbombs get theiir donated veggies from ..and the owner was kool. the interview was lighthearted but the killer shit is that i have to start work at 6am and finishes off at 12pm . it's gona be a trial run .....i know kate from schifosi works at the market at 5am m gonna give it a try...and then i called lonely planet for work n there's work next week. i luv lonely planet job cuz it's cruisy but it's irregular werk n i cant handle that aspect anymore now that ma rent is gona go up in october.....sumhow i got money returned to me from my taxes and it's enuff to buy an air ticket to finland but i cant do that cuz im not a resident here n m not allowed to fly outta country unless i get that residency. so now the money is just sittin in my account while it gets withdrawn 4 ma rent, bills and unclear debts that needs to be paid to the mafia or i get garrotted, shot or sodomised. it's a bitch of a life that m goin thru now and tryin to maintain my sanity is the most important thing.


i don give a flyinfuck
| Friday, September 1, 2006 | 1655 |

another week has ended with still no assurance that i can have a secure job. it's rather depresssing that i wake up every mornin' wondering if they are gonna call me 4 an interview or will i make the money to pay ma rent. every month, my money goes to my rent n bills and if i cant afford to pay the rent n bills, i have to borrow money from the mafia and then whatever money i earn next is use to pay the debts and the cycle keeps goin on n on on n on. .......and everyday i keep callin the same ol number, leaving a message and no one replies back. and today i had 2 interviews which were the opposite ends of the job spectrum. i went for an interview in a sheepskin company that makes boots, rugs and mittens and the smell was horrible. dead animal smell. its a factory packing job and i went there dress up in ma pimp outfit minus the cane and the smell was urggh. pretty bleak when i walk in and i see a couple of asian workers workin there sweatshop style and i met the owner and she look pretty mean. ma interview was rather brief- and weird. i stood there while she ask me questions and then that was it. it's a full time job n seriously i dontt mind applying 4 it cuz i need constant werk cuz i dont get any $ assistance from the aus govt. and i never werk full time b4 so m kinda keen 4 the challenge of being beaten down as a wage slave and work, consume, dance and die............there's things that i need if i work fulltime and wit the money i can get like flashy cadillac and platform shoes that have goldfishes swimmin in em....the next interview was cool. it's at the vic markets at the organics section n it's the same stall where foodnotbombs get theiir donated veggies from ..and the owner was kool. the interview was lighthearted but the killer shit is that i have to start work at 6am and finishes off at 12pm . it's gona be a trial run .....i know kate from schifosi works at the market at 5am m gonna give it a try...and then i call lonely planet for work n there's work next week. i luv lonely planet job cuz it's cruisy but it's irregular werk n i cant handle that aspect anymore now that ma rent is gona go up in october.....sumhow i got money returned to me from my taxes and it's enuff to buy a plane ticket to finland but i cant do that cuz im not a resident here n m not allowed to fly outta country unless i get that residency. so now the money is just sittin in my account while it gets withdrawn 4 ma rent and unclear debts that needs to be paid to the mafia or i get garrotted, shot or sodomised. it's a bitch of a life that m goin thru now and tryin to maintain my sanity is the most important thing.


booty call
| Thursday, August 31, 2006 | 1500 |

atlanta's dirrrrteee south crunk duo yingyang twins will be performing next fri 8th at billboard, city. so this is a mass booty call to everyone who wanna shake it and get low low lowwwwwwwwwwwwwww wit me ...


| Wednesday, August 30, 2006 | 1650 |

" red is for the blood that is spill when we kill, green is for the land that shall be ours after the long battle and black is for the darkness that will engulf all mankind that crosseth our path" - quote appropiated and mangled to suit me.


| Wednesday, August 30, 2006 | 1647 |

"green is for the money, and gold is for the honey" - quote by brother magic don juan.


pressure drop
| Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | 210000 |

26th aug this sat. at the laundry, fitzroy...pressure drop ..reggae dancehall with sista itations,vida-sunshine,tempa, nick power,ras crucial and trouble maker.get skanky.... or go to for all yer future burnin dancehall, reggae sessions.....


| Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | 2055 |

fuck u to ma real estage agent 4 increasing my fuckin hse rent. we did our job in cleaning up the hse 4 the inspection, u offered us a new lease and then increase the fuckin rent. fuckin arsehole. now all my hard earn money is being used to pay debts and pay the fuckin rent. and fuck u 2 the banks 4 increasing the interest rates. it's a bitch now. urgh.. n i dont even have rent assistance or anythin like that becuz im just a migrant here....not a migrant yet since i dont have ma residency status.more like temporary visitor..this is the price i have to pay 4 wanting to live in a small household. sumthing i chose to do....maybe it's time to move 2 the westside. or squattin perhaps???


| Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | 2000 |

malakat did not have a proper recording at the abandoned theatre in yarraville. everything was fenced up and we couldn't bring the generator in. instead we had to do a more object-based recording where it's just us mucking around with our objects and found objects and simon almost destroyed a wooden pillar structure on the stage! lotsa creaking. rolling, scraping sounds... the recording went ok. not the best of. and then the dat recorder died due to a lack of battery power. but it's good i guess just to do recording 4 malakat cuz we have been playin live heaps but not much /recording/mixing due to other projects that simon have been involved in and me almost werkin full time at lonely planet but still as a casual worker and dancing too much on the weekend and yeah we are rreally behind schedule to release our stuff for sweat lung and we still need to work out a release for diagnosis don't. ............


| Monday, August 21, 2006 | 2000 |

i'v been sick lately and having the strangest brutal evil dreams ever and twice it has been ma evil black metal fren init.1. i've beeen havin doomsday dreams b4 the year 2000 and i cant remember them much anymore.. and i reckon it was one of them year 2000 all fuckin dead paranoia and after 2000 was over..things have been kool i dint expect another doomsday dream happenin again..well in this dream..and i have to emphasis that these dreams are so real that i could feel it happening to me. sight, smell, presence and fuckin fear. me and ma evil black metal fren were in the desert which i assume it to be in australia. and from afar i could see a cyclone coming. few months ago a cyclone hit up north in queensland...... but my evil black metal fren kept thinkin that the cyclone was a sign that all will end and he was paranoid abt it. but i kept saying no, no it's just a cyclone. and in the next instance, sumhow he was fully naked with his long black hair flying in the wind and as the cyclone came towards us, it rose and past over our heads and lights were flashing at the bottom of the cyclone. and all i could hear was the rush of wind and the awesome sight of the lights sparkling. it was like in one of em movies where as a spaceship travels above the camera, lights were flashing..fuckin cool eh... and 2 me that was the most awesome thing i could ever experience...having a cyclone rushing over yer head wit flashing lights in the desert while ma evil black metal fren was naked wit his long black hair wailing in the wind. grim?? psychedelic? ..and the second dream happened a few days later..again my evil black metal fren was involved init. he was killing a guy brutally wit a knife that burzum poses b4.that sorta meat carving knife where the handle which have spikes on em curls around the fist. and he was fuckin killing the guy while his frens stood near him, and my evil black metal fren kept stabbing and stabbing the poor soul and i just stood there watchin it...both dreams..i swear my body was really in those scenes. i have never researched much abt dreams.but i reckon that if what i felt was so vivid and so real..then my soul or spirit must have been there. sorta out of body experience i guess.. brutal. and yesterday i met my evil black metal fren and we jammed for a couple of hours and came up wit 5 raw, prototype nekro blackest hymms.


booty call
| Thursday, August 17, 2006 | 1999 |

melita and jane will be organising a booty/krump battle sumtime - northside versus westside. though i live in the northside, i do werk in the westside and westside soundz mo tuff, rugged and raw. although in the northside, there are betta dancers so..... i rather be on the westside.. mo ghetto.... we were even thinkin of doin sum saturday arvo sessions of practising, hanging out and booty dancing and krumping it out..that be funny goota werk that energy and shake that booty more... and yeah im sure people have seen rize and it's fuckin awesome.... pretty much soul exorcism and just workin that negative energy out. aint about lookin pretty or lookin sexy when u dance, it can be ugly but it comes from the inner in u. and thats why i danced so hard whenever i's the only physical thing i do at the moment besides cyclin', pimpin' and hustlin'. pulllin out that negative, troubled, blackened soul and just shakin it !


| Thursday, August 17, 2006 | 1935 |

shortz shortz!! i had the shortest shorts on fri when spikee tee came to dj. the playaz ball djz - ms butt, bass bin laden and tom tom were suportin the nite and they were in fine form - doing what they do best..dirty, grinding hip hop. i was hopin that heaps of frens will turn up and dress up but it was just me, gemma and maggie. n we were dressed up for the occasion. i was abit nervous with the shorts shorts but hell it was 4 the fun of it. and yeah it is strange to dance in shorts shortz in a club but hahaha..was booty dancin, grinding ma ass and being nasty. basically i look like an early 80s bboy wit ma white cap, gold necklace, adidas jersey, footy socks and ma fresh ice creams dunlop volleys shoes!!! fresssssssssssh........


ma malakat aymanukum
| Monday, August 7, 2006 | 1848 |

if all goes well, malakat will be doing a couple of electroacoustik improvisations in an abandoned theatre in yarraville sumtime this week.


i luv blastbeatz
| Monday, August 7, 2006 | 1846 |

pisschrist 7" 'total fuckin pisslickers" recorded and mixed by me and pisschrist is out now thru endless blockades. get em" and get fucked.


total fuckin nekro
| Monday, August 7, 2006 | 1840 |

thanx to anthony milton, stephen n jon from the a.m/nether dawn/seht/the stumps nz headz for coming over n playin shows n showerin us with psych vibes. it feels good to be sharin the stage and playin shows wit fellow sound headz from nz and hangin out n them buyin us sum late nite dinner!! seems that maybe malakat should make a trip up to nz sometime 2 perform and perhaps to do sum environment recordingz. and thankz to rob mayson from grey daturas for organisin the gigs and lettin us play as well. i thoroughly enjoyed mike rose debut set-total fuckin nekro!


what is that fucken sound ?
| Wednesday, August 2, 2006 | 1799 |

nz improvisors (A.M, the stumps, nether dawn, seht) are heading into town big time. here are the shows they be playin in melburn..Thursday 3rd Aug Missing Link instore 5pm:The Stumps......Friday 4th Aug .....Pony (evening):The Stumps (2am),Datura Duo (2/3 Grey Daturas),seht phones home,Bad Cop Bad Cop (members of On/the stabs)............AM.......Agonhymn (Daturas' mixer's band) Saturday 5th Aug...Bus Gallery (time unknown, sorry):The Nether Dawn....seht.....Nigel Wright........Blarke Bayer (Ben Andrews of Agents of Abhorrence/My Disco).........Skovorodino.....Bone Sheriff (2/3 EOH) Sunday 6th: .......Bar Open (evening):....The Stumps The Nether Dawn....Malakat (inc members of EOH/Whitehorse) Rod Cooper....Mike Rose (Mark Groves of Whitehorse/True Radical Miracle)


i the dancer of the sufferah
| Wednesday, August 2, 2006 | 05:36 p.m. |

"more fire" burnin dancehall/reggae nite brought to u by the chant down babylon sound system will be havin a nite at brown alley in the city 19th aug wit yer selectahs bam bam sound feat smo (berlin), andy ites, ras crucial, jessie I , bellyas, a13 and mc damajah.


| Wednesday, August 2, 2006 | 1718 |

malakat will be performin at bar open 6th aug 8pm with the stumps (nz) , am (nz), mike rose (malakat's on/off collaborator) and rod cooper. improvise audio , home made instruments, electroniks.


| Wednesday, August 2, 2006 | 1700 |

dj element will be playin an early set from 1730-1900 at st jeromes thur 3rd aug. the set will be recorded onto radio and the selections ov lazy, heavy, bottom ends dub, hip hop and a mash up selection of late 60s malay motown soul thru to late 80s drug rock balladz.


dead elementz
| Monday, July 3, 2006 | 1845 |

dj element will be on the decks at ace morning bar 791 sydney rd,brunswick this fri 7th july nite from 2330hrs-0100. as always, dub,hiphop, headz beatz and a couple of gangsta hiphop choons fer all u thugs and Gs out there. other djs on that nite will be playin hip hop, glitch electroniks,tae-kwon-bootycore,baile fung,gyp-ruski-balkan bootlegz,politico ragga . party starts 2200 till the morn and it's free!! thanks to brandon p from uber lingua for hookin me up wit this gig.


twin peaks
| Monday, July 3, 2006 | 1800 |

lovely sarah caulton has an exhibition (200606-080706) which is currently running now at vanguard gallery in northcote -234 high street. Caulton...Identity, Repetition and Obsession..... Digital Prints........In this particular body of work, I am exploring, identity, repetition and obsession with the image of the self. As a twin, I am accustomed to others expectations that my sister and I are physically the same. While thinking about identity I began to ask myself “what would exist if my sister and I were morphed together into one hybrid being?” The nature of this idea is perverse. My work shows the physical manifestation of this concept; the amalgamation of twin sisters, shattering each individual identity.........Conventional self-portraits and studio portrait photography often represents individuality in the one headshot. These shots are made to show the person at their best, hiding the flaws that are true to the personality and identity. My work differs from this style of photography by ways of the physical treatment and the morphing of two separate bodies.....I have deliberately chosen to use my sister and myself, as there is a perverse fascination with twins and sisters. I also have chosen to focus in on particular aspects of the body, including those with perceived imperfections along with the distortion of scale, focus, and the juxtaposition of body parts. ....By the physical treatment of the photograph the images within the frame are no longer confined to the borders but are cut-up and reassembled. I have chosen to make collages to draw attention to the fact that manipulated images can still create a cohesive form. As these photographs are produced digitally, it is important for me to handle the work in a tactile way as reclamation of the photograph from the digital world. .......The result of my sister and I being morphed into these hybrid beings generates an absurdity of the figure. They are doll-like and out of proportion, playfully twisting reality from a physical impossibility


san pedro
| Saturday, June 24, 2006 | 1700 |

last sunday i had a mexican fiest dinner at ma was great wit old frens, new frens, loved ones and i had the pleasure of hosting my youngest ever dinner guest coming over! his name is jack, a beautiful 1 year ol kid. melita brought 2 mates of hers, monica and rahima over. and jack is monica's kid. really cute with gorgeous blonde hair. so i had 10 mates all squeezed into my lounge room and we had tortillas, guacamole,fresh tomatoes salad, tequila sunrise!!! and melita cooked sum mole and it was great. never knew that mexican food had cocoa in them n it was the best was really cosmik and kooky that me, melita and travis all wanted to organise mexican dinners in our individual casa and i guess it must be the heavens callin upon us to execute these dinners. melita's plannin to organise one soon at her squat in seddon and i think trav is gonna do one as well in his yard so....m lookin forward to all of that.


d to the beat
| Saturday, June 24, 2006 | 03:21 p.m. |

well the pisschrist destructo tour ov europe is underway now....i was supposed to be on tour wit them doing live sound but i guess things did not go accordin to plans..ohh would have been awesome to go all over europe n spendin my birthday in czech republik with the extreme obscene fest watchin Skitsystem, Driller Killer, Dead Infaction, Dismember, Cripple Bastards but $ issues and my application 4 ma residency here is still not sorted. so guess i have winter to accompany me while it's summer over there...arghhhh..... buried cold in warmness of my dead past.


stabbed in the face
| Saturday, June 24, 2006 | 1700 |

here are the tour dates of wolf eyes across au$$ie-----------------------Jun 24 2006 8:00P The Spanish Club with Ambarchi / Fusinato / Walls Trio, Snorklaw Vs Hi God People & Blarke Bayer Melbourne ..Jun 25 2006 8:00P Newtown RSL Sydney w/ Castings plus Special Guests. ...Jun 26 2006 8:00P ...The Cambridge Hotel Newcastle with Castings, The Instant plus Special Guests.....Jun 28 2006 8:00P ......Great Northern Hotel Byron Bay with Special Guests........Jun 29 2006 8:00P The Rev Brisbane with Impromtulons plus SpecialGuests.......Jul 1 2006 8:00P ...The Marquee Sydney with Rev Kriss Hades plus Special Guests!.......Jul 2 2006 8:00P .....Secret Show Melbourne with The Stabs, Dad They Broke Me, Default Jaimison, Malakat.......Jul 4 2006 8:00P The Rosemount Hotel Perth with The Execution, Brutal Snake plus Special Guests.


sound design
| wed, June 21 2006 | 1700 |

2 animation projects that me and simon collaborated on the sound design will be screened at acmi 24th june as part of the melbourne international animation festival. Menara Besi (the iron tower) by yeap heng sheng (pisschrist vox) and morag porteous " A Monster's Voyage" . werd


aural prostitution
| Wednesday, June 21, 2006 | 1700 |

here's the website of the nite that i'm djing at.hope to see u there fer a late nite of beers and headz.


headz still aint ready
| Monday, June 19, 2006 | 1900 |

dj element will be doing a 1 hour set at st. jeromes this thur the 22nd from 2300-0000hrs. hiphop, abstract headz beats and audio. full frequency tonality of sounds. thanks to raceless from curse ov dialect fer hookin me up for this gig. i havent been doing dis in a while. so it's gonna be sweet. looks like im gonna miss wolf eyes bling bling opener at the east brunswick club. damns.


super sexy swedish silence chaos
| Wednesday, June 7, 2006 | 18000 |

ilse castberg-jensen is in lima, peru now. wicked..and she and danielle are off to find the gringo trail ??? n off to sum jungles sumwhere.....and she said that in chile, there was a viking that's was a beautiful morn- cold ..and there was a fog.. i saw a massive one 3 weeks ago. damn the streets were mysterious and the trees look hauntin wit the fog ard it.......damn doom...looks like this winter's gonna be a cold cold one.. temperature was at 5 degrees in the morn. and every mornin, i wake up at 6aam feelin rather isolated, alone and failed emotions. but i know kate from schifosi wakes up at 330-4am to werk at the markets. now thats fuckiin brutal!!!!! of late i have been a wage slave to clear ma debts. it's a wonderful feelin to be a slave. i obey, i obey, i obey. but then again, werk at lonely planet is fuckin awesome cuz i've been gettin heaps of guidebooks fer maself. places that i will always dream abt in viisitin n i have em in ma hands...feels like m already there. i am still dreamin ov goin to finland/sweden/norway in the later part of the year cuz i wana experience their cold, brutal winter and of course to experience total darkness. klaus my finnish fren said that on dec 22nd, regions and towns near the artic circle will experience total darkness fer a day..and that should be an awesome day to do recording. m plannin to do sum environment recordings if possible.... and maybe walkin ard n gettin lost in the norwegian forests..and of course catchin sum black metal acts...and to see fjords and lakes and there is a town in northern norway call fuckin awesome is that.. hammmmmmmmmmmmerfesttttttttttttttttttttt...


man is still the bastard
| Monday, June 5, 2006 | 17000 |

pisschrist will be on tour in europe in a couple ov weeks..go c them if they r in yer town... here r their tour dates................... Jun 19 2006 8:00P...Koma w/ Autoritar, Family Man Berlin, Germoney....Jun 20 2006 8:00P w/ Nightmare, Burial Hamburg, Germany..........Jun 21 2006 8:00P AJZ, w/Ruidosa Immundicia Neubrandenburg, Germany....Jun 22 2006 8:00P w/ Manifesto Jukebox Muehlheim, Germany...Jun 23 2006 8:00P...Trash Fest 2006 Hoogevan w/ Unkind, Italion Stalion, Panic etc Netherlands...Jun 24 2006 8:00PK TOWN Festival w/ Selfish K Town Denmark..... Jun 25 2006 8:00P K TOWN Festival K TOWN.........Jun 29 2006 8:00P Linkoping, Sweden..Sweden Jul 1 2006 8:00P w/ Bury The Living Malmo............................. Jul 3 2006 8:00P Liege, Belgium............ Jul 4 2006 8:00P Brussels,Belgium...... Jul 5 2006 8:00P Amsterdam, Jobcrusher, Netherlands......... Jul 5 2006 8:00P Amsterdam.......... Jul 6 2006 8:00P Chemnitz.......... Jul 7 2006 8:00P Yellow Dog Festival w/ Asvkum, Ristetyt, Selfish, Filth Of Mankind, Skrack, Monster,Paskebush, Germany.......... Jul 8 2006 8:00P Yellow DOg Fest Packebusch.......................... Jul 9 2006 8:00P Dresden.................... Jul 10 2006 8:00P Zielona Gora/ w through The Mist Of Tears Zielona Gora, Poland........ Jul 11 2006 8:00P Poznan w/ Give Up All Hope Poznan, Poland......... Jul 12 2006 8:00P Wroclaw, Poland.......... Jul 13 2006 8:00P Warsaw, w/ Give Up All Hope Warsaw, Poland................. Jul 14 2006 8:00P Slavicin w/ Kakistocracy Chech Republic........ Jul 15 2006 8:00P Obscene Extreme Fest w/ Skitsystem, Driller Killer, Dead Infaction, Dismember,Cripple Bastards Chech Republic............. Jul 16 2006 8:00P Vienna w/ Erantzun, Give Up All Hope, Afganistaneyes Austria............ Jul 17 2006 8:00P Timisoara Timisoara.... Jul 18 2006 8:00P SerbiaGavez, w/ Insolentes(MEx) Belgrade, Serbia........... Jul 19 2006 8:00P w/ 4 Sivits Ljubljana, Slovenia........ Jul 20 2006 8:00P Bozen Bozen....... Jul 21 2006 8:00P w/ CONSTANT FEAR , THE 4 SIVITS St. Etienne, France........ Jul 22 2006 8:00P Barcelona........... Jul 23 2006 8:00P Madrid.......Jul 23 2006 8:00P Bilbao w/ Asfixia, Destierro Spain......... Jul 25 2006 8:00P Lobato/San Sebastian Lobato/San Sebastian.......... Jul 26 2006 8:00P Bordeaux Bordeaux..........Jul 27 2006 8:00P Geneve.................... Jul 28 2006 8:00P Bern/Basel Bern/Basel........... Jul 29 2006 8:00P Mannheim Mannheim.......... Jul 30 2006 8:00P Leipzig Leipzig.......... Jul 31 2006 8:00P Potsdam


| 040606 | 1700 |

malakat's winter 1st release cd-r is out - get in touch for copies thru our email at or thru our next gig wit wolf eyes on july 2nd. thanks to heathen skulls for organisin the birchville cat motel and 1/3 octave band shows. everyone played well....makes me wanna go to new zealand and see em gorgeous landscape... birchville was powerful wit waves and waves of drones....1/3 octave band made me rather lost and alone in their world of atonal heavy drones....which is fuckin awesome....had a listen to their newest release 'navigation by light'. sounded sick! isolationist, diasporic, no-mans-land audio....i reckon malakat played well did help that we were rather tired from a big weekend ov musick and feelin rather slo mo...thus the set was quiet, bizarre yet menacing in ov our better shows...whitehorse played their last show in a while cuz everyone is fleein overseas in the next couple of where the hell can i get my dose of 'live' punishin heaviness???? tell me...tell me what it's like...when ur in between......


darkness is freedom
| thurzday 010606 | 01000 |

it's winter. descent into bleakness. when you are down, you stay down.


| Friday, May 26, 2006 | 1805. |

>As part of Liquid Architecture 7 National Festival of Sound Arts >dotmov present >:::a site-specific improvised sound and light performance installation::: at the City Watch House in Old Melbourne Gaol 6.30pm Thursday 13th July 2006 Free entry>-sound 01-Sean Baxter>Anthea Caddy>Rod Cooper>Eamon Sprod..........>-sound 02->Ben Carew>Alice Hui-Sheng Chang>Malakat>Michael Prior...........>-vision->Benjamin Ducroz>Ryan Hayward>Kristina Matovic>Paul Rodgers>-plus->Robin Fox and laser


holy jesus doughnutz
| Friday, May 26, 2006 | 1805. |

malakat will be playin alongside wolf eyes(u$a), grey daturas and more at tote hotel 2nd july as part of wolf eyes tour of au$$ie.sick!


| Friday, May 26, 2006 | 1800 |

just a note- i'll be playin on my own at bar open tue 30th may fer the make it up club improv nite 9pm . hope to see u in my netherworld.


negative action 2
| Wednesday, May 24, 2006 | 2000hrs |

blarke bayer 3" cd 'the end of you' is out. limited to 200 copies- comes in a digipak gatefold with black, black, black fuckin black layout. myself, simon and blarke bayer recorded, edited and mixed this. get in touch wit for yer copy.


negative action
| Wednesday, May 24, 2006 | 20000000 |

whitehorse will be playin a free show at the green room 25th may wit ancient man, lumber and maps. then on june 3rd they will be playin at the tote wit grey daturas, birchville cat motel, 1/3 octave band and blarke bayer


when u r down, u stay down
| Wednesday, May 24, 20067 | 08:28 p.m. |

malakat will be puttin out blackened cd-rs of our productions that we have accumulated over our existenxe since 2005. 35 copies only. hopefully it will be in time 4 the birchville cat motel show on june 4th. our release 4 sweat lung has been push back to late aug cuz our main man peter hyde will be on a crushin destroy european tour wit pisschrist from mid june to late july.malakt


gloomy destructo punx
| Wednesday, May 24, 20067 | 200000 |

pisschrist,depth charge, skum system kill, focus, distorted truth will be mangling yer sorry ears this friday 26th at the ol colonial hotel in brunswick. pisschrist will be havin their total fuckin pisslickin 7" out then. next day at the arthouse, abc weapons, defiance report, scum system kill, terror firma, str8jacket nation will fuck u up wit noise, noise and more fuckin noise. stay brutal.


feel my pimp hands as i slap and punch u in yer fuckin face!!
| Wednesday, May 24, 20067 | 2000000 |

the life of a migrant. be fearful. follow orders and obey. becuz u r a migrant. u dont belong here. u r just a temporary visitor. u escape a dystopia and arrive in another dystopia. u are livin in a diaspora. u r just an outsider lookin in. if u fucked up. off u go migrant. and yeah thats what i did exactly. wit increasin debts, more money owed. i got busted today while on my way to werk at 745am in cold cold fuckin weather in footscray. dint wanna pay the tix coz i wanna save the money to buy the world's famous olympic doughnuts when i finish werk. gave em false address and gave em false no. to call and becuz it's such an early morn, i cdnt think str8 and i panik when they wanted to call a false mb no. that i gave them to confirm my details and i kercharge at them across the exit wit my bike. n 6-7 train inspectors got hold of me and threaten to call the cops. n like the fool i was, the dumb ex soldier from fatherland, the son of teachers, the one who fear authorities, the migrant who cant risk gettin trouble wit the law, was surrounded by pigs. forced to comply and they actually thought i had a fuckin knife in my bag when i was searchin frantically fer any form of id. and i dit not have any id u fucks. the only form of weapon i had was a pair of chopstix for my pasta lunch n i should have stuck those stix up yer sorry fuckin nose. just becuz i wear all black clothes wit a hood doesnt mean i carry a fuckin knife u stoopid fuckin pig! n isit becuz i dont look white n i look threatening? and u r in an area where it's full of migrants? yeah fuck em migrants. they wear jumpers and they carry fuckin knifes and weapons!! u forgot that yer ancestors came from europe as migrants. yer ancestors settled into this land n fuckin kill, maim and commit genocide on the indigenious.n claim this land yers. fuck u and yer sorry ass n yer fuckin colonial behaviour. n $300 fine i got fer no train tix and fer false details. and like the fool i am i was werried that they mite call the pigs and it will jeopardise my residency application. kinda gettin sick of these fuckin shit subservient migrant behaviour. or my inability to assess situation. but it was early in the morn. i was fuckin braindead. but yeah m a fuckhead as well cuz i dit not sort this shit out. n i guess this is what it's all about when u werk just to pay debts. n i hate fuckin debts. i hate owing people money but it cant be help. i dont have money now. whatever dat im werkin fer the moment is to clear all debts. and i appreciate my frens who r lendin me money but yeah i'll do my best to clear em. im sorry.n cussin and swearin all the way to werk.i rather leave this natural werld and be together with my lost spirit and be in my creative make believe netherworld. in that world i rule. in my natural werld, i'm just a nobody. forced to be silent. forced to obey.


nuclear medicine
| Tuesday, May 23, 2006 | 1840 |

it's been good so far. i got sum werk at lonely planet's warehouse in footscray. footscray ma dream suburb to live.. it's located in the wessssstside yo...lotsa junkies, dodgy areas but awesome place to live. good food, very multicultural wit vietnamese,afrikans, aussies,thais and others. n home to olympic doughnuts and da hip hop master shop!!!!!!!!!! makes me feel like m not in australia. but yeah the work is sweeet-just packin the guidebooks and maps into sleeves jackets the whole day...i've visited san fran, paris and now m in prague. good pay too-$19.50 per hr. but it's shit brutal hours .8am-4pm ..and i have to get up at 6am..and it's been shit fuckin cold now cuz it's comin to winter.....not ma cup of chai but yeah i need the dosh to pay debts from people i owe the past few weeks..i've been rather broke n livin below the poverty line..cant afford ma food, rent and general wise there's foodnotbombs and dumpsterin is not so great now cuz the bins are locked. m still getiin my free bread from not quite rite store --u folks rock- beeen gettin muffins, whitebread and burger bread..,,it's been vegemite and strawberry jam fer meals and the occasional lentils wit potatoes and rice and sum pasta..poor mans it's fine so far fer me to survive n ma hsemate is the sweetest..sumtimes he cooks fer me sum food and i stiill owe him money fer bills. but yeah even the lonely planet werk is not stable cuz it's casual it's a day by day basis of werk. and m gettin werk at a cafe on saturdays fer 4 hrs rollin cutleries and general cleanin..which is cool cuz that will pay fer my mayhem abuses...n they want me to werk in the kitchen preparin food n maybe cookin but i dont think i can handle cafe werk anymore...especially in the kitchen cuz it's such a small space to werk in and when it gets busy, tempers m not into that... and i' ve been sendin shitloads of resumes fer the worst jobs.. but there are sum cool ones - like library officer. and tryin 2 send resumes as a chess teacher in a primary skool and a casual lab assistant in melburn uni. hahaha...still no luck wit the medical orderly werk cuz it's slo wit no shifts. i had one shift so far. and it was really easy job- just wheelin patients up n down from their beds to the x-ray dept and yeah....i want to do more orderly werk cuz its fuckn good money but lonely planet is takin me to places i've only dream abt....maybe i should start werk as a freelance lapdancer....m good at it...honestly....


get down grl go grl get down
| Monday, May 8, 2006 | 1600 |

here's the low down. eoh is another incarnation ov creative minds that's just got born in a stillbirth. eoh is simon taylor, aaron coyes of hisseaters / omen compass and rob mayson of grey daturas. they will be doin a quickie to do check them out if bad acid trip psych cavernous drones and other unworldly strangeness is yer thing......... May 12 2006 8:00P Medlow Bar - EOH, Castings, Heil Spirits, Matt Earle, James Hayway, (Blue Mountains,sydney) May 13 2006 8:00P TBC Sydney May 14 2006 8:00P TBC Sydney i think the show at blue mountains will be a venue facing a cliff or that should be fun jumpin off after a bad trip.


| Monday, May 8, 20063 | 1600 |

well..back in melburnz after the canberra quik was fun while it lasted. kinda missin the autumn leaves n klaus managed to have a quik run ov the saturday nite scene in the city...but yeah..there was nuthin out there...we checked out this bar..kinda cozy n there were couple ov bands playin thru out the nite....more like open slots fer any bands who have materials 2 play......and it has that sorta uni students bar feel to it was cool except it wasnt the sorta musick m lovely n doe-eyed sweet ..... but the pints r cheap tho... n later in the nite we went to an irish pub...bad covers band and it was a 30 y.o and above sorta crowd wit the occasional 20 something crowd driftin in n out ...and thus we started dancin when they turn the house music up n it was funny tryin to booty dance wit bad dancin folks all ard u..and i got hassled n harrassed in a funny way cuz everyone tried to steal my pimpz hat and my nerdy specs and there were few moments ov bumpz n grindz wit a cute lady who happen 2b from melbz.... tho we took a picture wit her mates....when we left klaus reckon i must have broken a few hearts in there wit ma pimped up oufit...but yeah m just havin a gd laff wit all these turn around events ever since i go thru stages of undercover wit my pimp look......there is a reason fer this disguise... more to be reveal... :)


| saturrday 29th 2000006 | 1400 |

malakat has an email which u can get in touch wit fer info ov future releases, upcoming gigs and other related projects ............... go!


sarka bundiska
| saturday 29th 2006 | 05:33 a.m. |

im in canberra now. just finish sittin 4 2 english test which is a requirement for my visa application to stay here in aus. so it's fuckt cuz i have a degree, english is ma 1st language and yet i have to sit fer this test cuz m not a native speaker from uk, ireland, canada or the states. smell it ? but hallo, dint singapore got colonised by england? ah i supposed we gain our independance and we did our english exams based upon uk standard so that aint enuff ?humbug. anyway it's biting cold here but nice tho. over here u can actually see the leaves changin color , not like melburnz - u have different shades ov red, green, orange, yellow and it's just beautiful. lush treees all over.... n ive been collectin sum of the leaves as i go along. but in the werds of marina, klaus's hsemate whom im stayin at the hse at ...'impending doom" u know winter is approachin. but nonetheless beautiful tho. lush yet doooooooooooooom..............and yeah, supposedly canberra is where u can get good pot, porn n fireworks. but i aint seen nuthin of that yet. must be sumwhere deeeeeeeeep in the suburbs. but i met a nice czech grl and i smiled at her n she smiled back after the english test. so that was nice.


rhythm n gangsta
| saturday 29th apr. | 1400 |

well ilse is on her way up north on a road trip wit a mate 4 abt 3 weeks and then meetin up wit danielle who is doin sum volunteer werk n then fly off to south america. hang tuff ladies n have a wasted but fun year long holiday. we managed to have a fun goin away drinks 4 ilse last friday at the spanish club. met her fren greta who werks as an orderly so hopefully she can get me sum contacts to werk at her hospital. wanted to go 2 1st floor fer more boogie but the shitty thing abt that club is that they have a stoooopid policy ov not wanting to let boys in if theres not enuff ladies n too many boys. so fuck that shit and ov all the places we ended up to, we went to bimbos. it was free and we just danced silly to elektro. i was surprised that u can actually booty to elektro n our circle of frens must have been tearin up the floor wit our booty n scrambling moves cuz bimbos is full of trendoids n dizzoids. the next nite was trav's hsewarmin party n it was fun. nobody dress up except fer me so which is cool cuz i wanted to liven up the party fer trav n it was fun. the neighbours came in at 5am screamin her head off abt the nite but andy ites n other folks were burnin up the floor wit ragga n dancehall/. ....


cell death
| Wednesday, January 9, 1980 | 1300 |

i'll be playing a lonely set at the make it up club improv nite at bar open on tue may 30th. objects, amplified textures and environments. hope to see u there.


symptoms of
| Wednesday, January 9, 1980 | 1900 |

malakat will be supporting birchville cat motel and the 1/3 octave band at the old bar on the 4th of june.both acts are from nz. hope to see u there for the swirling madness


cracked fucked skullz
| Thursday, April 20, 2006 | 200000 |

hommes and other noisy acts are playin at a hse party on fri 21st at 24 miller get on down if u wanna get airy, floaty n get fucked by punishin noise. travis is throwin a big party on saturday to celebrate his stolen summer- well it's autumn now but trav had a rough summer since his partner of 4 years cheated on him n he wasn't doin too well all it's time to celebrate..there will be open decks - so i guess it's gonna be a soundclash..m tryin to figure out what to dress up as...i need to get new costume but i've been dirt poor fer the pass few weeks..looks like i have to stroll into the party as a pimp again wit my cane,shades, a suit and maybe not the afro......but sleek nonetheless...oh b4 all that debauchery, foodnotbombs is havin a 'rusty chef' battle versus west papua. a benefit fer both sides but m not exactly too sure whats goin on but yeah they gonna have a battle of foooood at the collingwood town hall....


please homie dont get so yeeemo
| Wednesday, April 19, 2006 | 2015 |

2 lessons i learnt over the weekend that just passed- 1. never put too much bananas in yer pancake mix cuz it becomes more like a fritter when u pour it into tha pan than a pancake..i had to double up wit mo flour to get it look like a pancake. but it turn out alrite cuz i made hot choc with banana pancakes wit mo bananas on the side n plums fer ilse. so we did had our peaceful tea b4 we decided to play chess at the spanish club while sneakin in our cheap wine. and we played while we waited for the flamenco dancers to appear. and 2 frens joined us to watch the dancing. and it was great. the guy was smoldering hot, the grl was even hotter and the 2 ol dudes playin the guitars were shit hot wit their flamenco playin.... ilse decided to have her going away drinks at the spanish club this fri and so she booked a cosy gangster corner and duh it's a dress up spanish i doono where m gona find dem clothes but i think of sumthin out... well ilse is goin away fer a year of travellin to sth america, spain and then safe travels aighhhhht ! anyway...back to the chess, i accidentally check mate her n this is the 2nd time in my life playin chess that i've checkmaate sumone.....oh the weather has been rather chilly lately but it's cool cuz it feels good wearin layers of clothes n u feel all warm inside. we went off to meet a fren at black cat 4 mo drinks n then off to first floor for players ball their werds.... ", Assume the position for some dirty bounce and grind X-rated RnB, doggystyle hip-hop,heavin dancehall." ..and downrite it was dirty.....grls n boys were gettin it on till 6 in the morn.. awesome trax n really, really dirty trax.... and yers truly was grindin it again but dancin on my own fer awhile n then wit ilse. and homies haaave to get so yeemo... i like the presence of homies at the players ball cuz it give the whole atmosphere a vibe but ....... .listen up homies...if that grl dont wanna booty wit ya...bacdafucup like what onyx mite say.. so please homie dont get so yeeemo and try to pick a fight wit another homie over whatever yer issues are or just becuz that grl aint wanna booty wit ya....just chill n dance or go home.... and me, chris, ilse n her other frens kept on dancin till the early morn... n the next day i woke up- i learnt lesson no. 2 ...always warm up b4 u booty dance... up till today my thighs are aching from all that bounce and grind ...


booty and black metal
| Wednesday, April 12, 2006 | 150000 |

onwards to the nite b4 saturday - fri nite was an opener to a memorable weekend. schifosi was playin their last show fer a while cuz tristan is travellin overseas and tim will be in europe in june for pisschrist european tour. they played at a hse in yarraville which was a mission to cycle cuz it's on the westside of the city. but i like to cycle there cuz its not too often i go to footscray and yarraville. jacqui from schifosi lives in that yarraville house. cool space and schifosi played well. and yeah the nite ended wit booty n grime being played and ya'll know the drill.. .... ended up cyclin back home at 4 in the morn which took forever cuz my bike's fuck wit only one gear werkin and it was a cold nite n listenin to darkthrone pissed wasnt such a great idea after all.


for mature audiences only
| Wednesday, April 12, 2006 | 1440 |

ah now i could recall what happen on the weekend and yeah the nite under the bridge was a nice way to end what has been a rather grindy weekend. on that sat b4 our gig at the tote, yeap from pisschrist had a housewarming bbq and party for his new joint. i helped to set up the PA,brought my decks n cd players over, did some bbq action and there were shitload of food - tofu burgers, lentil wit dhal burger patties, pasta, sushi, eggplants, mushroom, roast veggie salad... the werks...and i had to leave in the early nite to help hommes record their set onto reel to reel at the scummy ass joint pony. others who played that nite were faboulous diamonds, barrage and htrk. hommes played well- rather airy, lite yet quite funny to watch cuz aaron lit himself on fire again and on his guitar. i had to rush back to yeap to dj and it was booty nite. dress theme for the nite was frocks and the grls were harrassin me to play mo booty musick and i gave up cuz i dint have much of that jules plug in her ipod filled with x rated booty which left me free to dance and be silly and i had a rather fun but racy nite with a grlfren which left me hot, bothered and breathless and then gettin jiggy wit tim. and i agreed with wat tim said. when we r on the dancefloor, we dont hold anythin back. it's either booty or u get grind! grl or boy, we will grind u.


grind my booty to yer ass
| Monday, April 10, 20066 | 1900 |

hommes will be playin instore at synaesthesia tomoorow evening. hommes is simon's other audio project wit jordan from birdblobs and aaron from hisseaters. psychedelic drones wit organ, chants and mantras while aaron sets himself on fire with lighter fuel and plays feedback, objects and circuit-bended cute ghettoblaster and drum machine. it's funny to watch. jordan will be leavin this friday to new yerk and will be there to werk. so take it easy brother and safe travels.


please grind yer ass to me
| Monday, April 10, 2006 | 1700 |

malakat wil be playin at the northcote social club on the 17th may alongside other fine acts blarke bayer and my personal favourite snawklor. the PA there kicks ass grind booty and hopefully we can take advantage of that. yep wolf eyes will definitely be here in june and i can't wait. sicko!


stop grindin yer ass to me.
| Monday, April 10, 20065 | 1800 |

thanks to those souls who came to the tote to see us play alongside the japanese bands. they were awesome. ryokuichi's a 2 piece bass n drums - dirgy yet harsh tones and birushanah is a 5 piece wit 2 fellas playin metal it made their sound really raw n relentless. technical problems arose during our which was rather annoying n the improvisation was rather messy..and i loathe shitty improv altho there were parts which was good and i particularly enjoyed the quiet parts. aaron from hisseaters recorded us on his reel to reel so hopefully we can have a listen to our quiet noises. we ended the nite by havin dinner at bimbos wit aaron fer some fine vege/vegan pizza and simon made a comment abt how funny he thought that grls were dancing to electro wit people eatin pizza. yeah bimbos is a cool restaurant that u can go to n have cheap pizza while the dj spins electro n blah blah. further on to the nite- it just doesnt stop eh ... ilse told me there was an illegar bar under a bridge near high street in clifton hill and we rock up there to see a band improvisin to gypsy music. people were dancing, spouting improv poetry, wine and other things and it was just nice. and me and ilse are plannin to play chess nex weekend - either normal ones or the huge ones where u have to physically move the pieces - while strung out on hot chocolate, pancakes with bananas, wine and violent chess playin.. so it will be nice again.


cop killerz
| Friday, April 7, 2006 | 1700 |

mark groves from whitehorse will converge with malakat on the stage on sunday for additional screams, whispers and acid blottered squelch electroniks. the jams we had yesterday was heavy wit ridiculous amounts of bottom bowel ends, scrawling screams, dirgy tape and analog electroniks and a touch of psychedelia. we r hoping to have additional 4 speakers on the floor for spatialisation and excessive noise. malakat plays at 6pm.


| Wednesday, March 29, 2006 | 1700 |

malakat will be playin at the tote 9th april with crust punkos pisschrist, gore grind madness with roskopp and japanese sludge devastation via birushanah and ryokuchi....werd..they will be playin on a fri at pony wit whitehorse, firewitch, dad they broke me.


road wreckage
| Monday, March 20, 2006 | 03:05 p.m. |

aoa is on tour rite now in japan wit dad they broke me. pisschrist is on tour up the east and west coast wit artimus pyle for the 'destructo punx' tour..they should hit melburn at the end of this week. grey daturas are on tour in the states rite now and......wolf eyes will be headin to melburn in june.


| Saturday, March 11, 2006 | 1400 |

blarke bayer ' the end of you' 3" cd will be out sometime soon on numerical thief. it should be mastered pretty soon. lookin forward to the finished product. yellow swans/grey daturas improvised sessions are still in current production and processing. we had a rough mix of a 15 minute improv of the swans datura and werkin on the next 9 minute burner and 2 more improvisations to werk on..we should be starting a quick 3 hr mix of self destruct 3-4 songs (??) of hc punk rage in the style of black flag with dan from straitjacket on vox, ben andrews of agents of abhorrence/ my disco/blarke bayer shredder, kevin roche of off minor on lo ends and a fella name joe on drums. 3 hours was the time taken for self destruct to come up with their songs and we have 3 hours to mix it. total hc rawness. malakat is still functionin and in between those production, we are werkin on our first audio output on sweat lung records run by pete hyde of whitehorse vox and a second audio output on diagnosis.don't recordings run by rob mayson of grey daturas..progress on those recordings will be posted. malakat have been performing occassionally and yesh m sorry i couldn't update the gigs cuz i've been rather busy werkin as a labourer for the commonwealth games which celebrates colonialism, war, death, misery and empire control. malakat played at the tote in feb wit agents, night terrors, grey daturas. twas a gd gig and we played well. our next gig was at bar open playin wit agents, abc weapons and default jamerson. i reckon we sounded good- just that i think i dint play that well. malakat will be collaboratin wit whitehorse noise fella mark groves 4 a gig in april tentatively wit blarke bayer and fabulous diamonds at ding dong lounge.


| Monday, February 13, 2006 | 0000000 |

it's 20006 already. and i've just graduated. spend the new years in balmain in sydney catchin schifosi play in a squat next to the harbour. apparently the squat's property area is worth $18 million.....saw the fireworks up close but yeah whatever. nuthin special except that the next day was a real hot day. had the werst hangover and thru out the entire day i was vague..feelin so vague....since then..i have been lookin for werk, settlin my visa application to stay in this country and usin the skoool facilities b4 the new semester starts...i',m goona miss skool cuz of the facilities... but me and simon have a few mixin projects to do anyway//so which means i cd still use first paid werk was for the big day out..loading out speakers and packin up monstrously heavy cables...and i've been werkin at the cricket ground to prepare for the commonwealth games...hard werk but good i get to meet and werk wit the workin class aussie blokes..funny dudes but rough but classick aussie.. i got me werk boots on, me hard hat and safety vest and i got the classic 'abang construction' look. tuff....the lights are fuckin heavy to carry and the cables are werse. but money is good..i just have to struggle wit the 6am wakin get paid $18 an hr is good..just that m not built for the heavy shit...but yeah..wat can i do..did send out sum resumes but sumhow m more interested to werk in other casual jobs wich will give me time to do things that interest the moment im keen to werk as a medical orderly... good money fer nite shift be quiet, peaceful and useful cuz i'll be helpin the sickly.


keiji haino has been singin lullabies to me in my deathbed
| 301105 | |

thanks to those who came for my sound graduate show at 45 downstairs. it was a great nite except for the fact that malakat just can't get a proper soundcheck at that venue and for our gig at make it up club. little bit piss off but it's all good cuz we both are makhluk halus... simon blew up leith's speaker box for the 45 downstairs show. apparently sum folks saw it and there was a orange glowin light ard the box before it died....anyway comments by one of the lecturers in regards to our performance said that it was demonik..... so not only has he blew that one up, his gear got stolen from his van, he blew his bass head and grover's while powerin up 2 ampeg fridges for whitehorse...all within 2 months..may his soul be bless wit good karma..and this i know. pete from whitehorse is plannin a benefit gig to raise $ for simon so he can get new gear for whitehorse. malakat next gig will be a collaboration wit grind noise outfit dad they broke me for a show at the public office on the 17th. grey daturas will be on the bill as well. dance a silent one for us. it's december.


and all i could hear in my grave was my silent heart beating
| 181105 | |

"revege" by yeap won the best sound award for his graduate screening. thank u so fuckin much! werd ....


silence while i stripped...... violence
| 121105 | |

place ov unlearning gates was opened again for a recording session of yellow swans and grey daturas improvised recording. due to the fact that we have been so caught up with educational commitments, mixing session is rescheduled for further notice. can't wait to hear those session and fuckin ard wit em . it was awesome to be able to hear dem orange amps breathing out drones, feedback and swirling madness from the daturas axe man and axe grrlll. oh yeah, we need to mix blarke bayer as well....myself and simon have learned so much from recording and mixing those talented musicians that came thru our doors. thank u so much !!!! dad they broke me where's our slab ov beersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss???? :) and pisschrist where's ma bottle ov vodka????????


silence while i stripped.......bones
| 1501105 | |

thanks to those who came for the yellow swans gig at ding dong. and thanks to those who watch blarke bayer ensemble mangled, gurgled, blow, hitting, growled and spurted sounds for 25 minutes of improvised audio. it was fun.


| 140505 | ........... |

come down to rmit storey hall this thur 17th nov. my sound design collaboration with simon taylor for 2 animation works will be screened. "revege" by yeap (pisschrist vokillist) and " a monster's voyage" by morag ann porteous. this is a screening of the RMIT animation and interactive media students . say hello.


quiet violence
| 130505 | |

malakat will be performing 2 improvised gigs next week. 22nd nov at bar open as part of the make it up club improvised nite. following that we be playing on the 25th nov at 45 downstairs on flinders lane in the city as part of my final year sound graduate performance. this will be a rare line up where u hear genres such as lowercase, hip hop, glitch, extended cello and vocal performance, studio pop and sewer electroniks all exposed on that nite. it will be violent. see u there.


improvisations 2
| Tuesday, October 18, 20056 | 000000000 |

blarke bayer ensemble will be playin with yellow swans first gig in melburn. gig location at dingdong lounge in the city. other fine acts playin on that nite would be grey daturas (psych drone rock) and true radical miracle (dirge swamp rock). blarke ensemble would be blarke on no input fractured loops, mark groves (whitehorse noise man) on processed vox , rohan rebeiro on skins and percussion, eamon mcneillis on trumpet and myself on amplified junk/noise. come on down and say hello....


entertainment value
| Tuesday, October 18, 20050 | 00000 |

grey daturas split tour cd wit san francisco free noise duo yellow swans recorded and mixed by myself and simon taylor should be out soon for yellow swans tour of au$tralia. whitehorse 'live' in japan cd is in current stages of pressing and will be available for listenin n purchasin for the electric wizard tour of au$ . blarke bayer's session recording at the place of unlearning is in various stages of mutated mixing and much debating of ideas. which is all good. stay tuned for further info of the release.... yellow swans----> Musical Approach: Improvisational music, primarily using electronic instruments and processing, with respect to the methodology of international underground musics and DIY culture. Musically comparable to a distillation of American hardcore, Free improvisation, Dub, Hip Hop, Noise, Industrial, and Modern Composition. Interested in full spectrum tonality, sonic exploration, the opening of new doors of perception, spiritual journey, and the establishment of new, meaningful shared cultural experience in the tradition of folk and native musics from around the globe. Interested in full spectrum tonality, sonic exploration, and free form musical construction. go to for more info on tour dates.


sticks stones wood sand
| Thursday, September 22, 2005 | 1800hrs |

myself n simon taylor will be crawling back into the place of unlearning to do a couple of recordings and mixes for various audio work. first up - recording and mixing of blarke bayer solo improvise guitar textures. ....a possible release on his label shared with his brother liam andrews of my disco. ....mixing of whitehorse 'live in japan' cd is under progress. it will be release sometime end of october for the electric wizard show in melburn . yes electric wizard. ..... next week grey daturas will be gracing the place of unlearning for a split release with yellow swans (u$a) for the yellow swans upcomin tour of au$tralia . pisschrist recordings to be release on 7" of hot wax by yellow dog (germany) and endless blockades (australia) is still in progress. there's been sum problems in the mixes but all wil be fixed in due time.


blackest bottomless hole
| Thursday, September 1, 20056 | 1330. |

i'll be playin wit blarke bayer ensemble on the 13th sept at bar open on brunswick street for the make it up club improvise audio nite. myself on amplified textures and electroniks, rohan rebeiro on drums/percussion, eamon mcneilis on trumpet and blarke on no-input loop pedals and marshall stacks. hope to see u there.


| Saturday, August 32nd 2005 | 06999 |

i'll be playing a lonely set at bar open this tue 30th aug for the make it up club improvise audio nite..... field recordings, objects and amplified textures. hope to see u there....


| Saturday, August 27, 20059 | 0189 |

simon taylor and myself have completed mixing dad they broke me self titled cd. 7 tracks of unrelentless noise to noisy abusive audio. malakat has a composition included in the cd. 2 minutes of short and sharp sounds. just how we like it... go to for more info. we'll be playing at pony bar for the cd launch on the 3rd sept. other bands playing on that nite wd be true radical miracle, firewitch and black level embassy.......


glass in face
| Wednesday, August 10, 2005 | 2100000000000000000000000000000 |

i have a group exhibition coming up from the 16th aug to 28th aug at the foundry in clifton hill (142 queens parade) . the theme of the exhibition is MOVEMENT.. 8 artist will be working on that theme across various discipline such as painting, photography,video, immersive sound and sculpture. i will be collaborating with a visual arts student sarah caulton. our installation is based upon surface noise generated from drawings on textures such as sandpaper,glass and plastic. audio will be transmitted on 4 speakers - not as a surround spatialisation but as 4 mono sources. opening nite will be on the 16th from 1800hrs.


blackened souls
| Tuesday, August 9, 2005 | 2200 |

silo is forced to change its name due to a pop punk band from sydney who attempted to scare us with their past history of draggin a band to court for using their name. silo that is us is so far remove from what silo from sydney is doing. anyway... a name changed would be good as it will create new sonic textures for us. thus ended a very brief stint of silo and here we are now as malakat. malakat is simon taylor and myself.


total pisslickin'
| Tuesday, August 9, 2005 | 2150hrs |

pisschrist self titled 7" ep is out now on putrid filth conspiracy, a label from sweden. thanks to pisschrist for allowing me to re-record their vocals and mix the music for a vinyl release. 10 new songs recorded by pisschrist and myself is on its final mixing stages. it will be release on yellow dog records from germany for a split 7" with apparattus and a 7" release on endless blockades, a label from australia. dad they broke me 7 noisy to fuckin noisy tracks are in its stages of mixing and should be done soon. malakat is given the opportunity to create 5 minutes worth of blackened sound for the intro and outro of their cd release and we will be playing with them on the 3rd of sept at pony club for the cd launch.


ill winds from outopia
| Friday, July 8, 2009 | 1645 |

here are schifosi tour dates (july-aug) in the states. do check them out if they r playin in yer area. heckle tristan the guitarist to play nescience... they will be playin in the pointless fest as well and tim said that they will be playin sum shows wit state of fear n dropdead !!!! schifosi saved my life many times...they will save yers too*********************************8****************************** U.S. TOUR DATES:===== *25-28th B.O.B fest, Oakland, C. *29th Portland, O. *30th Seattle, W. *3rd Bismark, ND. *5th Minneapolis, MN. *6th Chicago, IL. *8th Detroit, M. *11-14th Pointless, philadelphia, PA. *16th Providence, RI. *18th New York, NY. *21st Ashville, NC .


life of space
| Monday, June 27, 21005 | 1720 |

thanks to the folks who danced, smiled and wiggled out for "play it by ear" set at the evelyn last nite. sources say that we will be securin an august residency at the evelyn . 14 tunes of phat hiphop laced wit funk, dub n afro jazz vibe . play it by ear is my collaborative hiphop project based upon the instrumentations of turntables, bass, guitar, trombone, drums, keys, percussion n voice. it is a form of therapy for me after constant hammering n listenin to basically unlistenable music for harsch ears. yeap from pisschrist reckons our music is a soundtrack for fucking.....


the brutality continues
| Saturday, June 18, 2005 | 21000. |

thanks to whitehorse for allowing me to record their Japan tour cd. 1 track, clocking in at 27 minutes plus.. a slowburner... your ears will be rewarded through extreme patience... do check out their website at for tour dates. first gig in osaka.. they will be playin with corrupted !!!!!! thanks to dad they broke me for givin me the opportunity to record 5 tracks of heaviness and brutality... mixing will be done shortly. next recording session...pisschrist!!!!!!!


black-eyed girl
| Monday, June 6, 20058 | 2000hrs |

autumn came. and autumn left. all the leaves are dropping as fast as they could. what was once green has turn to fiery red, orange and brown. bleak winter have cometh.........i dreamed i kissed a grl. she was sweet, lovely, short hair and a small face. as my lips approaches hers, she opens her eyes and they were black. totally black. black and blank.


my palm
| Saturday, May 28, 20056 | 21000 |

thanks to those who came and enjoyed silo set at soak and pony. 2 different spaces, 2 different improvisations- lots of chaos and feedback but sumhow we manage to do what we wanted to do. that under 15 minutes!!! :) thanks to palm for pullin an awesome show. palm plays ol skool death with grindy parts, metal, metal, metal, metal n suspiciously nu metal parts..on the whole they were such nice fellas that they rockt!!!.....silo might have to change their name soon cuz another outfit from sydney playin pop punk!?? has that name since 2002...apparently their lawyers are interested to talk to us. :) names that we are thinkin ov are green monkey kidney, green kidney monkey, nausea&vomitting, liver kidney spleen and skullcrush..take yer vote..which one suits us best!!!??had an interesting conversation with pete (whitehorse singer) abt where he grew up and such.. he was born in canberra where pot and porn are his words.."perfect breeding ground for metal heads" . :)


| Friday, May 6, 20050 | 1152am |

i've been invited by ben of my disco to do an improvising set with him at pony on the 7th. set will kick off at an unholy hour of 2am and pony has a reputation of havin a rough sorta crowd during that time and the place itself is really dank and muggy...seedy as well.. so that shd be interesting. ben is playin as blarke bayer using his guitar to create glitchy sorta sounds and layering them over and over to create constant moving textures. i'll be on tones,field recordings and surface noise.


| Tuesday, May 3, 20067 | 1300h4wrs |

silo will be playin another gig on the 12th may at soak (corner of gertrude and smith st )... appearin on the 12th wd be palm (japan), dad they broke me and silo. 14th may at pony (68 little collins st) will be silo, whitehorse,garbage guts, dad they broke me and palm . silo will be the only outfit on that nite missing a couple of guitars and drums. silo is me and simon taylor (bassist of whitehorse)


caving harsch
| Saturday, April 16, 2005 | 22000000000000. |

silo will be playin at the pony on the 14 th may wit dad they broke me , agents of abhorrence, whitehorse and 2 japanese will be a nite of cavingharrsch sounds, doom, grind and other sounds. not sure who the japanese bands are but it shd be fun.


unholy drones
| Saturday, April 2, 2005 | 07:54 p.m. |

ah yes...flat out minimal doom...what more do u want when u have sunn 0))) play on the stage while u r doin the lighting fer them? they played fer the whatismusik fest n it was krazy... 8 300w marshall amps fer the 2 guitarist..2 huge ampeg bass amp fer the moog player n 3 amps fer john weise of bastard noise doin sick electroniks.... n shitloads of dry ice on stage.. they all wore grimm robes n it was funny coz they look so medieval but playin contemporary instrument..felt like a time travellin was just drone after drone after drone after doom doom doom and more fuckin doooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....i felt like i was gettin a total body massage with em necro doom.n me the lighting fella just gave them total red/orange lites to create thaat hellish feel on stage.. pan sonic dint really rock it fer me ...donno why..they kinda have a slightly faster sound n the vibe was just different from the time i saw them @ insomnia cafe in 2001.. kevin drumm was so good..manage to see dead c fer the first time..the guitarist reminds me of djohan..the body posture and all... black dice was good in a weird way..n chicks on speed was gd too..colorful costumes and synchronised dance moves........oh yeah..a fren bought a sunn amp fer only 230 dosh!!! it looks so good,,i was contented just lookin at it.......we had sum jams wit him usinn the sunn amp n it sounded A


| Saturday, April 2, 2005 | 00000000 |

ah..finally manage to catch isis... had to hitchhike my way to sydney alone for the first time from melb to see them..800 plus km of willfreeway ride to see em only to get dissapointed by their ma first ride ever on a huge ass stoner truck on the highway.. and the truckers name was nitemare...was fuckt all the way coz he gave me a spoonful of speed n i was trashed all the another ride in a smaller truck n then the last ride was on a cattle truck..i think i had a whole year supply of speed in ma body that fateful day..anway isis..they dint play their old stuff..i think only 1 song from oceanic and the rest from the new stuff..i not a fan of their new stuff n the singing !!!! wheres the brutality ??????????????????????????????????????????????????i saw them again in melb the nex day n i was enjoyin more of their big sound but still dint like the new songs.. n their keyboardist look like yanni playin new age stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was funny.. twas wondering what wd it be like seeing them 5-6 years ago playin those materials?? anway manage to see frens in sydney n i just realise how much they r stayin outside the fringes of society............... manage to stay at the infamous maggotsville warehouse,, home to the folks of pure evil........saw one of their mates animation works and it was great!! .........left to newcastle the day after i got to sydney n took a 2hr train ride up north to newcastle. newcastle is a nice place.. good beaches and to the 'this is not art ' fest.... i think i miss out boom bip and other stuff ..i think sumthin to do wit robots and technology... it was nice to see a fren there.. been wanting to jam wit him for ages since we met in wollongong last year..and as we got to know each other while driving back to melb and tellin each other life stories and being welcome back by melb by tunin in to pbs fm power/progressive metal show called 'screaming symphony" ...twas laffter all the way ..anyway i digress... ....wanted to do sum fast jams due to the leftover sppeed in ma body but chris wanted to do slow stuff...twas fun..half-speed grind doom ..hehehe ..all in all it was fun fun.


cavemen electronische
| Friday, February 25, 2010 | 1630pm |

whatismusic fest happenin next week in melb.. sunn o))) is playin with john wiese of bastard noise ..fuck yeah! and pan sonic is playin on the same nite with them. it's been a brutal 2005 for music so far. more brutality to follow with iron lung in march..


| Wednesday, November 3, 4002 | 2020 |

slow, low, heavy and loud. burdened by gravity? burdened by your own obesity of self loathing? burdened by your inability to move things faster as what they should be? slow, low, heavy and loud. ISIS is coming to play Australia in March next year.


nostalgia for utopia
| Sunday, October 17, 20040 | 23:03 p.m. |

it was wonderful to be able to watch someone whom u have obviously enjoy listenin to their musik n seein them in real life up close. i was lucky to catch mark kozelek of redhousepainters playin on his own. it was definitely intimidatin to see that vox on stage.i used to get really pissed if musicians whom i've admired were to die b4 i get to see them..n he did rockt the nite slowly but surely. saw him twice n the second gig was interesting. songs like grace cathedral park, down through, katy song, ,mistress, new jersey n others from the ocean beach to songs for a blue guitar n newer ones were belt out. but yeah i was happy listenin to sum of my fav tracks n it felt surreal and nostagik.. ha! fuck that shit! nostalgia is a utopia is a nostalgia.....he looks strange on stage. the face n the vox dint connect. he looks like a wrestler. on the 2nd gig he got pissed off wit the sound system coz the reverb keeps comin off n he kick the mic stand down, unplugged the cable n sing in a true campfire style. it was bizarre but nice. but he's one big perfectionist. equally miserably perfectionist in comparison to his miserable sweet music that u start to question the ultimate rockstar vibe n he displayed it high. everyone wants to be loved n applauded n 4 someone to tell u that u r good. n peeps kept tellin him to chill out n tell him that u r fine. me n ma fren kept shoutin fer him to play 'michael' but he dint. surprisingly he was askin the crowd what songs to play n a big spill of titles came ard n it was nice to hear other people likin em as well.. well his hero is gone now.... and yesh..i realised he used 12strings guitar as well. so for u die hard fans of RHP, thats how the lushness of the sound comes thru.......but yeah he did had that campfire vibe n richie sambora acoustik dude. hhhahaha.....on a fuck up note..i had few brushes of racial slurs n punch ups being thrown at me but i dint react. either i was in a rush or i was too happy frrom a previous event and not reacting. the first came after kozelek ..sum drunken white trash bogan (aka mat.beng) pass us by, greetin me in chinese n tellin me to fuck off from their country. wanted to react n my maysian fren told me not to coz they were just drunk. another incident was pure stupidity n mindless. sum drunken afrikan (???) dude threw a slipper at my bike while i was ridin n i kept starin at him. he was pissed that i was starin at him..stupid conversations like ' why did u throw the slipper at me" to " i dont care' to ' i kill u .. i kill u " in the end i did a djohan ala ' raise yer 2 hands in the air and goin ahhhhh" n told him to fuck off. in all these events.. im always caught by surprise n the desire to react wasnt there.. one of these days. the metal lock on my bike will fly in yer fuckin white bogan trash fuckface.


| Tuesday, October 5, 2004 | 02:23 p.m. |

hard listening.