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| tuesy, jan 20 , 2040 | 2200sm |

back to reviews ....aesop rock and mr lif....ahhhh manage to scam in...weee excellent gig...phat beats def jux style..... mr lif had a hairdo that looks like queen amidala of star wars. they werk the crowd like it was in new yawk ..... go to love of diagrams are from melb..back from a hellwind tour from europe n japan..places to die fer to play............ arghhhh .....they fuckin rockts........instrumentals with snippets of vocals but they fuckin rock!!! speedy indie dissonance no wave phat drum rollls fury no stop just fuckin go ..... they remind me of sonic youth in the daydream nation vibe era... another melburn band to check out fer is jihad against america..the drummer fer love of diagrams is init.... i dono what to call it.... punky indie hardchore wit manik keyboards and female vocals attack. the band name says it all. go to they have stocks of it i think.... another craZy ace band.. architecture in helsinki.... go to ahhhh many many many members in the band... 8 or 9 i think heaps ov instruments.. heehehe.. how do they sound like? bittersweet pop melodies ... a happier twin of mum n godspeed u b e ! sumhow they have beach boys and prince spirit in em ' !!!! fuckin AAAAAAAAAAAAAA .. peeps in spore ..djohan has their cd ....!!!! go !!!! go to obscure indie, slo mo and whatever stuff to wet to. ah thats it i think.... erm me guestbook is still not up yet. i donno where is it ..hahhaha fer feedback loops email


| tue, jan 20. 2004 | 2100. |

hola....................... goot news.............slowercase drums roolssssssss.....yay..... i got a place to call home to!!!!! yappy yapppy yapppppy !!!!!! it's in nth melburn...great area..quiet as fuck . livin wit 3 people n a cute black cat .... ermmmmm housemate is involve wit the labour housemate does music and is in a band that plays rock with electroniks. n he has a drum kit in his room!!! and a g4 ..yummmm......another hsemate..shes funny , smart n interesting..from tasmania.... n they say i can make as much noise as i want..!!!!!!! yappy yappy !!!! basically its a dream house fer me ...double storey victorian terrace with a balcony on the second level..the livin room is on the second level wit huge ass windows.... all the rooms have high ceilings n my room window overlooks a portion of the grindy crusty garden....!!!!! yappy yappy is cheap rent fer that area....abt p/wk.... i took the house based on my was the date that i gave myself to give up the house search...n i found it on that it was the only interview i did after the new years.... and the housemates are really nice n thats alrite......BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! in all the gootness....there is a flaw........ u can never have it perfect..... grrrr fuck.....erm...yep the house is own by a church n we are livin next to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhh.......... well waht to do but do more evil things and listen to evil musick and draw pentagrams and put black candles on the pts of the star and pray syaitan pops up sumtime sumwhere... erm i'll be movin in after the 7th feb...coz thats when the room will be empty....n it's a cute german grl who is movin out.....ahhh she is so cute. *gush... curl up n die* if any ov my overseas frens are droppin by fer assure there is a place fer u to rest in my holy of holiest house. rest assure u will be blessed everytime u step in/out of the house. gagagagaga----- a big up wutang ODB style thank u to my homies back in $pore ( werd!!!) fer hearin me complainin abt the lack ov a home n me melburn frens fer offerin me their couches to sleep on....n being very concern abt my plight in lookin fer a house.. all of them were happy fer me coz whenever they see me they always ask abt wheter i found a place yet........i guess now i can rest my mind n go campin!!!! but ...... i have to worry now abt the protest compilation that im puttin out..hope everythin goes well....... on a sombre note...otso my finnish fren has left the country..kinda sad that he has left coz he is such a great fella ....he was suppose to be traveelin ard fer a while but coz he miss his gf and his gf is callin him to come back ( arghhhh) so he goes back to finland to face the freezerbox...and he promised me a finnish gf if i visit him. yappy yappy yappy.


| thur Jan 15 2004 | 2000hrsm. |

ok. more updates n reviews abt whatever gigs that i like that i mite go n bands that i like that i mite go. its pretty str8 fwd n simple. go to ----strange weird improv music fest happenin in aussie ... merzbow is playin !!!!!! go ! big day out ? me not sure wheter me is goin..too ex but heaps of goot band .. afx twin is playin solo show wih luke vibert. flaming lips solo show in end of jan.. weee... mr lif, aesop rock next week ..scammin time!!!!!! unholy grave, r.a.m.b.o late feb ..... more schifosi gigs .hehehe... they have their website updated. go . because of ghosts new ep is fuckin driller killer ", make amends with yer adverseries before dawn" ---- think slo- mo.


this bike is a pipe bomb
| thur 15th, jan 2004 | 2000hrs |

. i just remembered im turnin 27 this comin july..fuck. n i always tell me self that im not growin older but younger fact i dont act my age all of u know.. the moment we were born we are gettin closer to dyin anyway...... hhaha hence born to die ... or hence the cycle of life..coz i have weird fascination abt certain aspects of my life here in my intense fascination with newcastle and footscray..i believe in my past life i was livin there perhaps...... and back to 27 me 27 is a sexy age,why? maybe this weird fascination n tryin to comprehend why rockstars die at 27 or sumwhere there. so.....i guess this will be my 2004 resolution. to stay sexy fer the rest of the year. it cd be anythin. wear sexy clothes. have sexy shoes , listen to sexy music .. find a sexy house .eat sexy vege food, cookin sexily, hangout more wit my sexy frens, ride sexily on my bike. study sexily, make extremely sexy noise quiet electronikche muzak. all of the sexy works. erm. on a fuckup note...cant be a bike punx fer now. have been gettin too many warnins by pigs abt my ridin of my bike. its all abt not wearin helmet, beatin the red lights ..fuck. must be a nice cute sexy bike rider now. fuck. if not i get fine . fuck u . on a strange note: i had a fuckin krazy dream. init i was a jew and there were millions of german nazis in a buildin i was in n was told to go down the staircase while all of them were on it and waitin to do sum stupid shit wit their weapons..... last weekend was driller killer. went up to goongerah to celebrate geco 's forest blockades n in fact geco's existence fer 10 years. was fun.... a mix of germans n finnish frens were packed into the car fer a fun filled nite. yep it was fun..wish that schifosi n bigots had played. only pure evil played. n sum other acoustic sets. pure evil set was a fuckin killer.... mad mad mad jazzpunk with even madder crowd. hahhaha 2 frens got naked while they played. !


sweet baby jesus
| tuesday 6th 2004 | 2300 hrs |

djohanz has left . :( had so much fun hangin out wit a good fren. possibly the first fren that i have come into contact ever since i left dystopia in late feb . he helped to brighten up my days . heheh. too much in fact. we talked so much abt silly stuff and possibly too much abt hip hop, esp abt wu tang and ODB's ( ol dirty bastard ) role in wu tang and tryin to imagine how the hell can wutang keep it together wit so much different personalities in the group. basicaly i was back in the day of dry black humor of $porean youths who have nuthin better to do than spottin people . had so so so much laffs that it hurts but ,,,,hhehehe... but it was all done in goot fun - no harm done ..and we pretended to be pimps, playas, ODB, wutang while wwalkin down chapel street with that hiphop limp walkin style...- possibly second yuppie scum street after acland street in st kilda. oh....djohanz was blown away by lotsa honeys- screamo grrls n esp hip hop honeys or asian honeys as he puts it . and i've never tot abt it b4 or never cd be bother abt checkin out honeys. blah ++ we played soccer while pretendin to be bob marley in his adidas suit and jugglin the ball around and keep on singin " is this love", ate so much food , walk ard hheaps, introduced him to my frens here .... had the biggest and heaviest falafel ever - it was a never endin story of that falalel -courtesy of ben my disco ! on his last weekend here, we maanage to check out a screamo/hc gig and best of all we check sum phat hiphop freestylin and sum doggystyle,booty,grindin hip hop and i cant believe we danced to nelly, 50 cent and all of that booty hiphop. basically it was a pisstake on that type of genre . all in the name of good fun and we were goot at it. i think i improve quite alot in bootin ard and dancin like a pimp . hhahahahhahaha and so was djohanz. we were smooth playas or pretendin to be one and ODB is our hero . or aka sweet baby jesus aka osiris.....and now djohanz has left. back to shitty black ugly days that plagues and rattles my mind. think wu tang and the 36 chambers and ODB sweet baby jesus .. :sings in a bob marley vox " aaaaaaaaaa is this love is this love is this love that im feeling? "


walk among the dead
| tue, dec 30th, 2040 | 1700 |

last bloodfilled werds into this machine. so whats new in this year? anyways.... have a fun NY's celeb. stay safe as always. a fren from $pore is in melb fer a visit and it has been fun so far, altho i wish i cd hang out wit him more but i cant really coz am still lookin fer a house. the first day i saw him..gave him such a big hug...... and i know i be sad if he leaves.....apparently he is keen to play soccer here. hhahhahaha........receive packages from loved ones in $pore/ they are all goot. especially the comp. that MY FUNKY TURNTABLE puts out. it's excellento and well made. h/e it seems really strange to see all yer close frens in fotos/snapshots just being themselves and havin fun and u notice that u r not in the picture. it looks as if i'm dead or a ghost/spirit lookin at pics of frens and such and me the ghost is smilin in knowin that yer frens are alive and well. well so much fer the distance in being apart. i guess this is how it feels like to be dead. gettin quite immune to the entire house search thing, esp when it comes down to house interview. seen nice houses, crazy ones, messy ones, tidy ones ..they are all good . erm ..gotta make a decision soon by next week. ......dont u all hate decision makin ? so......again have a goot one.... here's to more food wasting, more bombs than food, over consumption, more unnecessary wars, more diseases, buy buy buy , more damage to the environment and more damage to oneself. nothin's gonna change except oneself. where are the flyin cars that was promised to us in the 80s ? it will be 2004 soon. fuckin lies !


| Tuesday, December 23, 2003 | 02:12 p.m. |

havent been goin back to st. kilda fer awhile.basically travis's housemates want me out coz im kinda steppin on their personal space or whatever. heheh. and they want me to pay sum bills coz i've been there fer a mth. fair enuff. but travis say usually me and him are not there all the time. so it is still one person who is usin the utilities. well. these are the few things i did which they were really piss off. and remember. two of them are progressive/trance heads and the other housemate works in her parents co. sellin lightsticks . aka raver sticks. this is st. kilda. yuppie scumfuckt area. 1. i took away her clothes from the clothesline coz it was already dry and i wanted to hang my clothes. she was pissed! 2. apparently i made too much noise durin one fateful nite after the buck 65 gig. (oh i manage to get in free fer buck 65. he's fuckin A ) so i came back late at ard 145 am. it was hot. been cyclin from richmond back to fuck kilda. switch on fan. anal housemates were talkin and so forth. me just stay in travis's room. anal housemates were abt to go to sleep. anal grl told me to turn off the fan coz it uses too much power. ok. fine. then me go outside while they just hit the sack and cut some bread with vegemite and peanut butter. apparently the noises i made woke them up when they just only hit the sack. basically they want me out due to all of this things i did and apparently i woke them up when i was cuttin the bread and such.they told travis i was cookin. cookin at 230 am??? how can u cook bread with vegemite and peanute butter? hehehe... so anyway. i really hate fuckilda so i dont mind. but that means all my food is there and clothes and such. and i've been krashin at frens places in brunswick and fitzroy area. +++ yesh i still dont have a house yet. cant seem to find the purrfect place. heheh..well i cd easily find a one bedroom apartment where i can make as much noise as i want and play the kasiotones naked and listen to grind and improv stuff all day long but thats not the point. i travelled so far to mingle wit people and have decent housemates. livin alone is stupid and isolating myself will drive me crazy. sumtimes goot housemates is the best thing fer me to have coz im so far away from alll of my good frens and havin supportive, fun and creative housemate is good. and cookin and sharin meals together is even better. so im lookin at sharin a house with another mate, maybe a garden so i can try to grow my own vegie and havin a shed outside is a bonus-tinkin of settin up a studio in the shed. so the search still carries on and it can get pretty depressin and tryin. and djohan is comin . YAY!!!


pretty boy crossover II
| Tuesday, December 23, 2003 | 01:57 p.m. |

boy dances. boy in afro. boy dance to bad disko musick. goot crowd. goot frens. goot lookin people. well into the nite. pretty late. ah. very sexy blond grl clad in jeans, a bikini top and cowboy hat. get the picher ? keep on dancin the nite away. cowboy grl keeps askin afro boy fer water. afro boy shows cowboy grl ard coz he knows where the kitchen is. sum decent conversations. as the nite goes on. later and later. afro boy dances alone. afro boy thinks he dances really goot. cowboy grl appears again. and dances wit him. heart skips. plop. ploop.skipp. afro boy lost concentration in dancin. very, very bad dance moves appear. afro boy is flustered but still tryin to maintain composure or tryin to dance reall sexy. but loses his rhythim.. coz she was a good dancer too. afro boy ask fer name and introduces himself. few minutes later. close body contact and she was away. in the heat of it all- it is better to remain nameless in a time like that. u dont need to know a stranger's name to have a good dance. the element of mystery will be gone. and u lose yer sense of rythim.


pretty boy crossover
| Tuesday, December 23, 2003 | 01:40 p.m. |

daggy disco at the pink palace ::: bad music, bad dressin, great vibes . we manage to raise 0 for foodnotbombs last friday.. yay. there was heaps of free food . bread, salads, fried potatoes, oranges, hommus, guacomole dips mix with apples and peaches, paqueros, a fren made sum bananna muffins, the finnish fellas made banana and date cake, we had date rolls fill wit pecans and almond. oranges were constantly topped up the entire nite to keep the sweetness flowing. florian my german fren got stalked by a gay dude/ hehhe//well he was askin fer it.hehe..florian was dressed in very tight pink hotpants wit his bum crack stickin out, tight pink sleeveless tee and multicoloured wig/ red lipstick and bad 80s earrings. daggy disco is my one and only time fer me to dance to disco. period. no more. and it's goot they have it once in 6 mths. oh yeah. i did dress up. afro and a nice blue shirt bot for me from a distant nice reaction from the crowd/ since i've been here and goin fer warehouse parties- it's easier to dance really dirty wit my male frens..coz its fun and partly due to the alcohol or just the atmosphere fer it. i dint know i cd wiggle my ass like that...sumtimes we all feel like himbos or sluts and just dancin around really close n being totally silly or daggy. hehe. im thinkin ov wearin the afro fer winter coz it is warm. so here's to more silly dancin and silly musick and being plain silly. happy x'mas and a merry new year to whoever reads this. yappy yappy yappy.


the geek show
| sat, dec 13 | 2000 hrs. |

arghhh ..fantomas melvins tomahawk in one nite. fantomas is weirdcore. hehhe stop go and phat drummin ......and a sax player in one song. mike patton was usin 3 mics fer his vox in both bands. weird as hell..screechin singin garble. at one pt it got irritatin cuz it was way too piercin fer my likin and sum tunes from tomahawk too cheesy -stadium rock feel. but he;s a fuckin entertainer. MELVINS !!!!!! wat can i say. his hair is real !! i saw his hair from 20 m away. he;s fuckin insane.... BUZZ !!! melvins!!!!! like wat adik mite say ... " kasi stoner sludge cukup cukup " AKA take-as-needed-for-pain- givin-u-the-stoner-sludge-grind-yer-fuckin-head-in- permanent-diarrhea..... evil menacin melodic, he reminds me of robert smith though....their drummer was wearin a lingerie top ..heheh..and he got a huge ass cymbal behind him..those gong things that u can find in chinese restaurant. and their set up was kooky . drummer on the left of stage. buzz center and bassist right stage. looks like they were just jammin ...but tight set, huge ass sludge stoner big black breakdowns monster riffs..........nuff said. go .


content with death
| thur, dec 11, 2003 | 2205 hrs |

"we who are your children...come at you with will suffer in your death what we have suffered in our lives...on your grave we are dancing..and your bones will know no peace... we will wash away the nightmare. the earth again shall breathe.." the new schifosi lp is out . 'ill winds from outopia' i was right all along in my gut..i've been tellin people how schifosi sounds like and how they affect me everytime they play..desert windblown romantik crust that will sweep away my worries and sadness in one night.... brutal heavy crust, doom laden tinge with intense melancholeia and a female vocalist to drag u face down in a shithole...but with hope at the end of it. like how ewan kenobi in trainspottin' got his pills from the dunny... and i got the lp from their singer . fresh from the pressing plant ....YAY..her name is kate.


| thur 11 dec, 2040 | 2200 |

i had 2 put down my tent from my frens backyard..grrr...apparently it was disturbin one of the housemates meditation area and i mite actually eavesdrop on her fone conversations ... ??? hmmm and i tot i cd become a yippie by campin it out in my frens backyard. hehehe... yesh im still homeless and lookin fer a house still... my record fer wearin the same tees, boxers and socks is 3 days only. i can only do that fer 3 days and thats when i wil head back to st kilda to change.. yesh..i've been krashin at frens place in north fitzroy if i get too fuckt or need to go house huntin...sad to say but i really hate st kilda coz its too pretentious fer me n too expensive. but am krashin at a goot fren's place ..he is nice. his name is travis siniuk and he does excellent minimal dubby electroniks. i've seen sum mad houses that go fer 0 p/w fer 3 bedrooms in footscray. that is consider really cheap coz im lookin fer 2 roooms to use. one fer sleepin and the other to make shitload of noise. but those houses..hehe they have a mad vibe to it. wallpapers that drips of acid pictures-granny feel to it and definitely those houses look like as if sumone just got murdered in em' think psycho the movie. so hopefully i get a guestbook soon so that i wd feel that im not talkin to myself or the computer screen . feedbacks and comments will be nice. sumtimes it gets lonely here and all i want is a decent conversation. i refuse 2 live in a 1 bedroom apartment by myself. this is not wat is all abt. i travelled so far to be here not to be alone. and i mite go krazy.


holiest ov grave
| thur 4th dec, 2003 | 2130 hers. |

UNHOLY GRAVE " 3 shows in melbourne 20th-23rd feb !!!! 20th feb has schifosi, abc weapons, captain cleanoff (south aus - flat out grind) supporting UNHOLY GRAVE at the arthouse . go !


back from my grave
| thur 4th dec, 2003 | 2100 hrs |

wollongong fest was a blast..manage to hitch hike all the way to w'gong and phat chips were waitin fer me and keith. manage to go a swim in aussie waters finally..fuckin cold and the waters were harsh and fuckin grindin.. but it was goot... when i get really down/sad/unhappy... it's time to let nature beat the senseless out of this grave body ... it was like that fer my first ever snowboardin and seein snow trip in aug . i remember gettin tossed abt, fallin and hurtin like it wd never end n gettin the pleasure of hittin my knee onto my chest. i take pain as i need it . n havin blue and purple bruises on the left butt cheek ++++ had the pleasure of attendin a gig at the organisers living room !!!!!! pure evil trio (jazz punk) , my disco ! ( loop oriented odd jazz drummin with screamy/spoken vocals ) brat patrol , all in deep shit (trash blast beats hc) played.... a room smaller than forward studios in singapore. met up wit new frens from w'gong, catchin up wit frens, eatin yummy vegan food and seein 3 doppelgangers of a former love.


| tuesday, nov 25, 29680 | 2100 hrs |

YAY!!!! goin off to wollongong, south of sydney tomorrow morning. me and a fren will try to hitch-hike up there. that shd be fun. it's hari raya as well. guess i have a listen to punknoise 4 the next 4 days instead of the usual singalong hari raya songs. i wil try to revisit the lighthouse that me and mah family took a foto of in 1988. hopefully i can recall how it looks like. muhd will be in town soon !!!!!! yay!!!!!!! yay!! yay!!!!!! yay!!!!!!


belladona diy fest
| funday, july 15, 1111 | 11:03 a.m. | ----> for those who might be in australia from the 26th nov...sumthin's goot happenin. :) looks like muhd. will be in town ard that time and djohan will be here in end of dec. YAY!!! cant wait/ last nite gig was surprisingly mellow. feels like everyone just wanna relax and have a couple of drinx. maybe overdose of gigs. it's hard to stop sumtimes..too many goot musick ard...... plus im sick . thats why the mellowness. abc weapons :) better and better as ever.trashcrust.... far left limit ...trashpunx at its best, dregs of humanity..pretty ok fer me. the plague !!!!!! wooooohooo!!!! from wollongong ,,raw n chaotik as hell !!! :) plus daniel the singer had a cut on his nose and bleedin from the knuckles (??) ,,so it was quite brutal that he was screamin and bleedin and 2 mics got deactivited by the 2nd song. but it was all goot!!!! bot their cdr ..!!!!!!! schifosi's set > desertwindblownromantikcrust that will sweep yer problems away fer one nite and then it's back to reality again


| saturday, nov 15, 6506 | 2030 hrs |

this is a big one. abc weapons, the plague , far left limit, schifosi and dregs of humanity tonite in abt 30 minutes time at the arthouse. lord help me maketh thru this nite.


| Wednesday, March 12, 2003 | 10:47 p.m. |

kissing by the dumpsters. 2 x capsicums, heaps of chewing gum, pita bread , ciabatta, raisin breads, chocolate cookies, 2 x bottles of nescafe , half cut honeydew, pears , yoghurt, minced garlic, pizza base... all this for free in dumpster land. what fun it is to be sober for a punk gig and then off drinkin to sum pub, gettin really drunk and then heading to the dumpsters for sum action. we manage to wait till the safeway trucks unload their supposedly food that is not mean for consumption. and u get 2 drunks in the bin and one sleepy german kid waiting in vain for us to get done. most of the food has not expired yet. honestly i donno why...erm the coffee was thrown out coz one of the bottles broke in the box that means the WHOLE box has to be thrown out. it's all abt the packagin. if one jar breaks and it stains the rest, management says "throw it out. throw everything out ...who cares. we have so much food . let's waste em'"...... however we dint take the coffee coz we rnt coffee drinkers. we left the coffee and the cookies on the sidewalk , hopin that any homeless dude or anyone can pick it up. i know it will make their day better. headin back home .. i remember riding to the dumpsters and we had to pass by this section of a buildin where they had so much grafitti///the whole wall was bombed to pieces !!!! and of course havin a wonderful late nite snack wit food from the dumpsters. it taste so fuckin goot when u know u dont have to come up wit any single cent for the food. makes me wonder abt the amt of food that gets thrown out everyday and people in poorer nations are strugglin to have their stomachs filled and too much $ being spend on the military industrial complex when our daily stomach urges are not being met. food is a right , not a privilege.


| Sunday, june 65, 3045 | 04:00 p.m. |

and again - breakin into codes and breakin into codes - as i watch u move into codes - tearin into language like lights. we have never being introduced before - shall never be around to see what may have come - i'll be dead by the time that comes.


| Sunday, April 8, 2066 | 03:46 p.m. |

23 october 2003. the idiot called the day i met a good fren . he is george, the fucker. - i was out recording your murderers. they will tear yer throat u fucker - i heard thier screams, i heard their blood - i heard them tearin' at yer fuckin black heart . we are a pack of wolves on the run - tearing flesh as we run along - i saw a man dragged out from a line . he was lying face first on the tarmac road . he got dragged on the surface by two polixmen. they trampled on the sacred fire and they live in the tent embassy. many many years of struggle and still they are fightin. to be free means a neverendin rest - i swear given the right time and given the right amount dosage of anger - we might have won and get that killer on his fuckin knees and beggin for mercy. emotion VS reason


| Sunday, April 8, 2040 | 00:38 p.m. |

sunday ganim - what a day has been without much life - constructions and circle of light turns around, like a spy out of clues - like the reaper out of victim- i shall disappear like how they all do - in what strange mystery surrounds your light, much as i drag these two bounded feet across floors, disappearing all the time, disappearing all the time- as i look into the past and wonder into this night, thinking i might actually live another day. and i know it was a lie - and that they were lying . and as another sunday passes by , nothing much has change. what a beauty -


| wed, oct 7, 2003 | 0200 hrs |

::: back from newcastle's this is not art festival' .....a reallly depressin place... too much shops being closed wit no signs of any occupants comin in.. the grafitti helps to brighten up the place though......... has a super redneck bogan vibe to it....oh yesh...some bogans tried to throw a beer can at me from their car...but heheh somehow they missed hittin..abit shaken coz i was walkin on the main street alone but felt the whole incident was funny because they missed their target... the weather was no different from melburn's. i thought i cd catch sum sun and have a swim.. :( other than dat. it was a crazy weekend fer me. shufflin from panels to panels, workshops and screenins... n drinkin heaps along the way..up to a pt where i cdnt get drunk anymore.......found out abit more abt max/msp programs and pure data...goot stuff to learn but very techy though..... manage to catch the awesome band PURE EVIL...finally..they fuckin rock the nite wit erratik time signature changes....they remind me of a free jazz band.. .the stockholm syndrome is another brutal evil band and yesh..the singer looks like muhd. exactly!!!! doppleganger. and the band that play b4 them had a bass player that looks like muhd when he is still in anaconda..........!!!!! it has been a doppleganger weekend!!!!. i met someone who reminds me of smot and someone thought i was a briliant guitarist that he saw in melbourne. !!! ukiyoe..i have to check that fella out if he looks exactly like me.... the best event has got to be dual plover's label nite. crazy theatrical acts /// reminds me of being in a weddin with the bride and groom invitin crazy acts to perform. there was this singer rank sinatra...had an evil feel to it. white makeup wit black eyes, and wearin a tuxedo wit a bow tie and singin in a superdistorted fashion. anyway..dual plover is a strange label.....that nite had a band that looks like they were inbreeds though,,, and apparently i miss the openin act where a grp of humans tried to read poetry, have sex and wankin on stage.b.ut apparently the fella cdnt get hard enuff !!!! curse ov dialect side project slesu and mr tape was insane. took them a while to get the vibe goin but it became madness speed of the new pollutants provided the audio abstractions while the mcs rant, tied each other up, spew verbal insanities and shoot water guns on stage.... go to has pics of that nite. hahhahaha.... erm...yesh,,was fuckin completely broke coz i dint have much $ to bring to newcastle. tried dumpster divin but cd only get tomatoes only..but that was enuff..tried to take a bag of chips on the ground but apparently it was sumones.... and i've been eatin bacon and salami at my mate's house and his folks house coz i was realy hungry..i've come to a pt where if im in a very tight and desperate situation, meat, includin ham, bacon, salami have to be eaten. it makes no difference anymore fer me. erm. i saw that crusty chick who has that freddy kruger vibe...the last time i saw her was in april fer the detention ctr demo in adelaide..and she was in newy again......haaaaaaaaaa..... i love chaotik crusty chicks :)